The DeWalt Pole Saw: A Comprehensive Overview

Over time, tree branches might grow in unfavorable directions on your property, specifically, over your house. The last thing you want is for a storm to come along and tear that looming branch off and have it end up in your living room. Even less desirable, you don’t want to be there when it happens.

If you’re in the market for a new pole saw, DeWalt has what you need.

A Brief History of DeWalt

Raymond DeWalt founded his company in 1922. In 1941, they expanded rapidly to meet government demands. In 1949, American Machine Foundry acquired DeWalt, and the company continued to grow and produce industry-standard equipment.

DeWalt introduced its first line of electric power tools in 1992, and in 2011 expanded its offerings with the 20V MAX System, the system used by the tools in this article. Using global materials, all DeWalt tools are made in the USA.

Best Dewalt Pole Saws

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of Dewalt’s best pole saws.

The DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Pole Saw + Hedgetrimmer

DEWALT DCKO86M1 Combo Kit, Yellow/Black
  • DCPS620 Pole Saw reaches up to 15 ft.*** and delivers up to 96 cuts per charge**
  • DCPH820 Pole Hedge Trimmer Head reaches up to 12 ft.**** and features a 22 in. steel, laser-cut, dual-action blade for fast cutting with 2800 spm

The DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Pole Saw is offered as part of a combination kit, including a pole hedge trimmer. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes with a charger. Since it’s cordless, you can take it anywhere you need to. The battery, when fully charged, can perform up to 96 cuts.

The bar and chain are 8 inches long, and the pole has a maximum reach of 15 feet. The same pole is used if you would like to switch the saw out for the hedge trimmer. With the hedge trimmer attached, the tool then has a maximum reach of 12 feet. The hedge trimmer comes with a 22-inch steel, dual-action, laser-cut blade with 2800 SPM.

This model also comes with a shoulder strap and a blade sheath for added convenience. Also included is a tensioning wrench for proper maintenance and a bar sheath.


  • Bonus hedge trimmer included with the kit
  • The kit also includes sheathes for bar and blade, allowing easy storage
  • Shoulder strap included for easy use
  • Tensioning wrench included, required for ongoing maintenance
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight


  • Testing performed with a 6 feet tall person, so maximum reach may not be average for everyone
  • Prone to snags when using the hedge trimmer
  • Limited torque
  • Designed only for weak foliage and light use
  • Front-heavy, somewhat unbalanced, despite its lightweight

The DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Pole Saw Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw, 15-Foot Reach, Tool Only (DCPS620B)
  • Extension pole for up to 15" Reach
  • Metal bucking strip and tree hook for durable cutting grip & To easily remove pruned branches
  • Brushless motor for up to 96 cuts per charge on a 4"x4" Pressure treated Pine wood
  • 8" Low kick back Full compliment Bar and chain
  • Auto oiling

At first glance, you may think this model is identical to the previous version, but there are a few key differences. Both are yellow, black, and silver, and both come with an 8-inch bar and chain. Both underwent tests that determined a maximum reach of 15 feet, and the lithium-ion battery provided for both clocks in at 96 cuts per charge.

Now let’s look at the differences. The DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Pole Saw is equipped with an automatic oiling feature, making maintenance and use a breeze. The saw utilizes metal bucking strips allowing for a durable grip when cutting. This model also comes with a tree hook making branch and foliage removal simple.

The DeWalt Brushless Motor

The DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Pole Saw comes with a brushless motor. To understand why this is convenient, let’s look at brushless motors versus brushed motors.

A brushed motor comprises two magnets, one positively charged and the other negatively charged, and within the magnets are armature coils, a commutator, and carbon brushes. The brushes supply the tool with an electrical charge.

In a brushless motor, the brushes and commutator are ditched in favor of an electronic controller. This is the equivalent of a tiny computer in your pole saw. The electronic controller negates friction loss contributed to a brushed motor and reduces energy loss. What’s more, there are no brushes to wear down with use, so there no brushes to replace after long-term use.


  • Brushless motor has a longer lifespan
  • Automatic oiling feature
  • Metal bucking strips and tree hook included
  • Low kickback when in use
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Comes with 1-year of free service from DeWalt
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Not built for heavy-duty cutting, such as through thick tree limbs
  • Like the previous model, the maximum reach advertised is based on a six feet tall person, meaning actual reach may vary
  • Agencies associated with DeWalt service maintenance may no longer be active or current, so that could hinder the 1-year free service guarantee
  • Heavy, not built for use by small frames

What to Look For When Shopping for Pole Saws

When shopping for a pole saw to perform routine maintenance on your property by eliminating threats and overgrowth, the key things to look for are functionality, the tool’s lifespan, required maintenance, and safety.

The brushless motor in the XR model adds longevity to the tool and reduces the need for ongoing maintenance. Keep in mind that with every use, you’ll want to perform upkeep before and after sawing.


What happens if the pole saw touches the ground while in use?

If the saw accidentally touches the ground while in use, the blades and chain may dull immediately. Avoid this by maintaining a firm grip and moving the saw steadily. Only operate the saw while it is in the air, and never directly over your head.

Is there a window to observe the oil level?

Neither model offers a window to monitor oil levels, but there is an oil level indicator.

How thick of a tree can this pole saw cut through?

A tree 4 inches in diameter is the recommended maximum thickness for attempting to cut through.


Between the DeWalt pole saws in this article, your best bet is most likely the DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Pole Saw Kit. While the hedge trimmer bonus with the first model is excellent, the second model offers much more versatility and convenience. The automatic oiling feature adds to the convenience, and the XR model also comes with every feature the non-XR model provides.


Best Electric Pole Saws

Do you have pesky tree limbs and branches that are just out of your reach? To solve this problem, all you need is a pole saw. This saw gives you an extra extension to remove branches and limbs without using a ladder or having to hire an arborist. Electric pole saws are a fantastic option because they don’t require gas or any other fuel type, yet they’re more powerful than battery-operated saws.

To make the process of selecting an electric pole saw less of a challenge, let’s go over factors to consider and the best electric pole saws on the market.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Pole Saw

Here’s what you should look for when shopping for the best electric pole saw for your needs.

Length & Reach

One of the most important factors to consider is the length of the saw you’ll need to safely and effectively reach your trees. If you get a saw that still requires a ladder, it completely defeats the operation’s purpose.

Manufacturers like to use the terms “maximum length” and “maximum reach” when describing electric pole saws. However, it’s important to note that these two words describe two different things and aren’t interchangeable.

The maximum length refers strictly to the pole length, while maximum reach considers both maximum length and a person’s arms reach. When using an electric saw, it’s essential to make sure you have at least an additional seven feet beyond the maximum length for best results.

Another critical aspect to consider is the length of the cutting blade itself. Typically, it’s best to choose a cutting blade bar that’s larger than the thickest limb or branches you’re seeking to cut. So, if the thickest branch you want to trim is six inches thick in diameter, aim for a saw that’s at least seven inches or thicker.


It’s also crucial to consider the weight of the saw you desire to use. Even though these saws’ designs are more portable and compatible with overhead use, some are heavier than others and challenging to use for extended periods of time.

Supreme Features

Lastly, depending on your budget, it may be worth considering additional features on an electric pole saw, such as safety switches, ergonomic grips, and more. Although these features may add extra cost, they are beneficial because they provide convenience and improve the trimming process’s safety and accuracy.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Pole Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System
  • EXTENDS REACH: Ideal for cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs
  • TELESCOPING: Pole extends to 8.7 ft. to provide 15 ft. of overhead reach. No Load Speed (rpm) 6000. Sound Power Level : 108 dB
  • POWERFUL: 6.5-amp motor cuts branches up to 7.5-inches thick
  • AUTO-LUBRICATION: 8-inch cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication. Oil tank capacity (fluid ounce): 2.7
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!: Your new pole chainsaw is backed by the Snow Joe + Sun Joe Customer Promise. We will warrant new, powered products for two years from the date of purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Contact Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.

This electric pole saw offers the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and low price. The Sun Joe SWJ800E has an eight-inch automatic lubricating blade bar. Its maximum length is 8.7 feet, giving a maximum reach of 15 feet.

The saw is only 7.7 pounds, making it an excellent choice for using effortlessly overhead. Its 6.5-amp motor is powerful yet does not make a lot of noise that could disrupt neighbors. All these features make this our top choice for the best electric pole saw on the market.


  • Low cost
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase
  • Auto-lubrication system
  • Sharp blade for thicker branches
  • Easy to adjust and to maneuver overhead
  • Overall sturdy product
  • Quiet


  • Doesn’t include oil for auto-lubrication
  • The weight of the product feels unevenly distributed, making it difficult to get used to

Worx WG309 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension
  • [UP HIGH OR DOWN LOW] It’s really 2-tools-in-1: A pole saw for trimming branches from trees, and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR] At 8 Amps, you’ll get consistent performance and reliability from this streamlined machine
  • [AUTO CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic oiler will always have the chain operating at peak efficiency, for faster, more controlled cuts
  • [COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] At only 10 pounds, this saw is designed to be held up high and to be maneuverable once it gets up there
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

This electric pole saw offers a little bit of everything in terms of a lower price, auto-lubrication, auto-chain tension, and installation without tools. This blade bar is ten inches and weighs about ten pounds. You can use this saw for overhead branches or on the ground level as a chainsaw.


  • 2-in-1 tool-can use both overhead and on the ground level
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Low price
  • Overall sturdy tool
  • Auto-lubrication and auto-chain tension technologies
  • Quiet
  • Ergonomic handle that rotates 180 degrees


  • The product is corded, which can potentially get in the way during use
  • Feels heavy using for more extended periods or with larger branches
  • Delayed timing of safety features
  • Doesn’t include oil for auto-lubrication

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Electric Pole Saw, Adjustable Head & Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Scotts pole pruner with a powerful 8-Amp electric motor for cutting tree branches and limbs around your yard; Fully extended pole is 9'5" long
  • Tree trimmer pole saw with 10" Oregon bar and chain with 30 degree/5-adjustable cutting head angles; Includes a blade cover for protection and easy storage
  • Corded electric chainsaw with a pole that features an automatic oiling system with oil level window and tool-free tensioner chain adjustment
  • Plug-in pruning chainsaw that requires no gas; A great alternative to gas pole saws for tree trimming
  • Power pole saw with a rubber over molded handle and foam grip for your comfort

This electric pole saw is another reasonably priced option that gets tree trimming jobs done right. It takes ergonomics into account with its foam grip handle and five adjustable cutting angles. The blade bar is ten inches with an automatic-lubrication system and adjusting for chain tension requires no tools. The pole fully extends to 9.5 feet, making it easy to reach overhead branches.


  • Low price
  • The presence of a cord retention hook keeps the cord maintained and out of the way
  • Auto-lubrication
  • Adjustable cutting angle settings
  • Comfortable handle
  • Most extended electric pole on the market
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Can feel heavy after long periods

WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw
  • Telescoping pole adjusts anywhere from 5.3 feet to 7.3 feet for up to 12 feet of overhead reach
  • 6-Amp motor rotates the Oregon chain up to 36 feet per second
  • Weighs in at a mere 6.7 pounds to limit user fatigue during operation
  • Design allows for tool-free chain adjustments and emission-free operation
  • Includes an 8-inch Oregon saw chain, a blade cover, a shoulder strap, and a two-year Warranty

This electric pole saw is versatile and comes at a low price. Its pole is adjustable from 5.3-7.3 feet to allow for up to 12 feet of overhead reach. This saw’s design is portable, weighing only 6.7 pounds. Its eight-inch blade makes getting the toughest of branchless a low-stress process.


  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to adjust the chain without the use of tools
  • Top-notch safety features
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Simple assembly
  • Low price


  • Telescopic pole clamp variably stays in place, may require additional clamp for stability
  • The chain can come out of place

Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw

Remington RM8EPS Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw Combo with Telescoping Shaft and 10-Inch Bar for Tree Trimming and Pruning, Orange
  • 2-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Logs on the ground? Simply detach the saw from the pole to convert the unit from a pole saw into a chainsaw No tools required!
  • LONG REACH: Designed with a shaft extendable up to 10-feet for high branches With operator height considered, the pole saw can cut limbs 10-feet to 15-feet overhead making those previously hard-to-reach places easy-to-reach
  • ELECTRIC POWERED: An 8-amp electric motor instantly starts to drive the chain over the low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain Get to work right away on your lawn care, trimming, yard work, and other projects
  • ADJUSTABLE: A telescoping design paired with flip and lock clamps allows the operator to quickly adjust the length of the pole saw so that trimming trees of varying heights isn’t a hassle
  • PRUNE IN COMFORT: Chainsaw has non-slip grip to enhance comfort and an Anti-rotation pole for stability during use Maintain optimal comfortability, comfort, and command

This electric pole saw is another fantastic option for a 2-in-1 tool. You can use it as a pole saw for overhead branches or convert to a chainsaw for ground use with this saw. Its blade bar is 10 inches, and its pole allows for adjustable, overhead maximum reach of ten to fifteen feet. This saw weighs 12.75 pounds.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easily convertible from pole saw to chainsaw
  • Comfortable, maneuverable handle
  • Cord guard to prevent tangling and obstacles
  • Tool-free chain tensioner
  • Pole height is easily adjustable
  • Overall sturdy product


  • Heavy and difficult to handle
  • Can leak oil when not in use

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right electric pole saw, it’s vital to take saw length, blade length, product weight, and additional appealing features into account before making a purchase. Even though there are several factors to consider, there are quality products on the market.

All of the mentioned five products are excellent candidates for making tree trimming jobs less of a hassle and safer. All are relatively low budget and have many valued features to offer, but our top pick, the Sun Joe SWJ800E, goes above and beyond.

Different Types of Pole Saws

A pole saw is, in essence, a chain saw mounted to a pole. These saws are designed to cut branches that sit higher than a regular saw can reach. They come in many different types, such as manual, electric, battery-powered, gas-powered, and even two-in-one detachable units.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the most common types of pole saws, what makes them unique, and how to identify them.

Manual Pole Saws

Manual pole saws, just like manual hand saws, rely on you to supply the necessary back-and-forth motion to cut down branches. The difficulty involved in using these saws depends on your strength, the saw’s weight and integrity as well as the material you’re cutting. Palm tree fronds, for example, are easy to cut and remove from trees, while hardwood branches can be much more difficult.

Manual pole saws are better suited to people who prefer to manicure or shape their trees, as they don’t do well with thick branches. Manual pole saws usually have a clipper attachment on the saw’s neck that makes snipping small branches quick and easy. However, anything larger than about an inch will require work from the main part of the saw.

Automatic Pole Saws

Automatic pole saws use an engine, a chain, and a fuel source to cut down branches and small trees. Essentially, a mechanical pole saw is a small chainsaw mounted on the end of a stick. The three fuel types you’ll most often see in automatic pole saws are:

  • Electric
  • Battery-powered
  • Gasoline

While you’ll occasionally see a diesel-powered chainsaw, it’s rare to find a pole saw that runs on diesel. Similarly, hydraulic pole saws exist as well, but they’re almost exclusively used by professionals.

Electric Pole Saws

Electric pole saws need to be plugged into an electrical socket to work correctly. Usually, this is done with an extension cord, as the cable that comes attached to the pole saw itself is shortened to reduce its weight. Electric pole saws are the lightest of the automatic pole saws, and they tend to cause the fewest headaches, too.

The only limitation of electric pole saws, of course, is the extension cord. If you have a tree to trim on the other side of your property, it might be impossible for you to run an extension cord all the way out there. However, they’re great for small yards with just a few trees to trim.

Battery-Powered Pole Saws

Battery-powered pole saws tend to be the weakest of the bunch, but they’re some of the most convenient. Battery-powered pole saws are less finicky than gas-powered models, and when they run out of power, all you need to do is charge or replace the battery – no gasoline needed.

Battery-powered pole saws tend to be lighter than gas-powered models, but they’re noticeably heavier than electric pole saws. Because they’re limited by a battery, they can’t exert the same power as an electric or gas pole saw, either. They’re best for small yards, small trees, and people who don’t like dealing with extension cords.

Gas Pole Saws

Gas pole saws are the most powerful pole saws you can acquire. Not only are they untethered – you can take them anywhere, thanks to not needing a charger or an extension cable – they’re refillable anywhere, too. They’re great for people with large properties and large trees to trim.

However, gas-powered pole saws can be some of the most unwieldy pole saws, and they can be incredibly heavy, too. They get the job done better than any other pole saw, but they’re also prone to mechanical failure, starting issues, and other problems.

2-In-1 Pole Saws

2-in-1 pole saws are the most versatile of all the pole saws. The chain saw portions of these pole saws detach from the poles themselves when you need them to. This way, you can use the pole saw as either a handheld chainsaw or a longer pole saw.

Many consumers find 2-in-1 pole saws to provide the most convenience because of this detaching factor. You can cut branches off trees in one minute. Then, when you’re done, you can detach the chain saw and cut the felled branches down to manageable sizes.

Deciding Which Pole Saw is Right for You

Aside from the different types of pole saws, you should consider a few other things before purchasing one. One of the most important things is the size of the bar on your pole saw. The bar determines what sizes of branches you can successfully cut, as generally, the maximum size you can cut will be about an inch or two less than the length of the bar.

That being said, pole saws don’t come with enormous bar sizes since a larger bar means a heavier, less stable unit. This, in turn, increases the hazards associated with using the saw. The most common bar sizes you’ll find for pole saws are ten inches and eight inches.

However, if you’re looking at manual pole saws, you may be able to find a broader range of sizes. This is because manual pole saws aren’t reliant on heavy engines and dangerous moving parts.

The extendable length of your pole saw is the final thing you should consider. While most pole saws, in combination with your own height, can reach a distance of about 15 feet, the telescoping portions of pole saws can be vastly different lengths.

For example, the shortest automatic pole saws top out at about six feet in length, while the longest manual pole saws can have up to fifteen feet of telescoping length (and that’s not even counting your own height).

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a pole saw out there for virtually every need and situation. Which kind is right for you depends on your strength, the height of your tree, and the types of branches you need to cut. As long as you do your research, you’ll be able to find the saw that works best for you.

Best Pole Saws Buyers Guide

Have you ever tried to prune tree branches with a pair of manual loppers? If so, you know how back-breaking the job can be – not to mention dangerous if you’re standing on a ladder while you work. Fortunately, a good pole saw takes the chore out of tree pruning.

You might be surprised by how inexpensive (or expensive) pole saws can be while still maintaining a high-quality standard. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best pole saws – both expensive and inexpensive – on the market today.

Always make sure to follow proper safety procedures and protocols when using any pole saw or chainsaw. Safety glasses are a must, as chainsaws tend to send wood debris flying when you use them, and hearing protection is a great idea, too. As long as you do your research and practice adequate safety measures, the saws on this list will serve you well.

Sun Joe 8-Inch Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System
  • EXTENDS REACH: Ideal for cutting overhanging limbs and thin logs
  • TELESCOPING: Pole extends to 8.7 ft. to provide 15 ft. of overhead reach. No Load Speed (rpm) 6000. Sound Power Level : 108 dB
  • POWERFUL: 6.5-amp motor cuts branches up to 7.5-inches thick
  • AUTO-LUBRICATION: 8-inch cutting bar and chain with automatic lubrication. Oil tank capacity (fluid ounce): 2.7
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!: Your new pole chainsaw is backed by the Snow Joe + Sun Joe Customer Promise. We will warrant new, powered products for two years from the date of purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Contact Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.

This 8-inch pole saw from Sun Joe is one of the most popular models you can buy, and with good reason – it’s inexpensive, functional, and a decent-quality product. This is the lightest automatic pole saw on our list at 7.7 pounds, making it great for individuals who have trouble lifting weight over their heads. It’s also one of the longest with a maximum length of 8.7 feet.

This pole saw comes with a telescoping rod, meaning you can adjust it down to as little as 5.6 feet for low-hanging branches. This pole saw has an eight-inch bar and can handle branches up to 7.5-inches wide.

The things that stand out most about this pole saw are its price and the Sun Joe customer guarantee. This is the cheapest automatic pole saw on our list, and as a Sun Joe product, it comes with a full two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

That being said, this pole saw has some issues, too. While Sun Joe is, on the whole, a reliable power tool brand, this is a budget product, and you should expect to see the issues that you get with any budget product, such as longevity issues and materials that tend to wear out faster.

Additionally, while the Sun Joe customer promise sounds good in theory, it can be hit-or-miss in practice. On one day, you might be able to claim your product’s warranty, but the next day, you might not even be able to get through to customer service at all.


  • Lightweight
  • Up to 8.7 feet long
  • Comes with a full two-year warranty


  • Can be tough to call the warranty office, which can make the two-year warranty moot
  • May wear out faster than more expensive options

Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw With Battery

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672
  • Green Works GMAX 40-Volt 2.0 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Pole Saw with 8-inch Bar and Chain, Includes Battery and Charger, Model No.20672.
  • 8-Inch Bar and Chain
  • Up To 60 Cuts on 4x4 Lumber
  • 3-Piece Aluminum Shaft Can Be Extended To 8 FT (11 FT Max Reach)
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil to the Bar and Chain for Continous Lubrication

Greenworks sells a high-quality line of power and landscaping tools with interchangeable batteries, and their 40V pole saw is an excellent addition to this collection. If you want, you can purchase the tool alone if you already have some Greenworks batteries ready at home.

Keep a special eye out for sales on this product, as you can sometimes snag the tool and battery together for nearly the same price as the bare tool.

While battery-powered tools like pole saws are incredibly convenient, they have one big downside: power tool batteries are heavy! Even though this pole saw only weighs 8.4 pounds without the battery, it weighs almost double that with a battery attached.

The battery that comes with this model is a 2Ah battery, which should give you about 65 cuts on a single charge. While this isn’t particularly impressive, you can get this number higher if you have stronger Greenworks batteries at home already.

This pole saw also has an eight-inch bar, and the tool can extend up to eight feet long for high-up branches and collapse down to six feet for low branches. Unlike the Sun Joe above, this pole saw comes with a three-year warranty.

You may end up using this warranty because the pole saw does have an internal flaw in the motor bracket that is prone to failure. The only solution to this is to send the saw into Greenworks to get it fixed. Aside from that flaw, however, the saw is a decent, if expensive, option.


  • Compatible with all Greenworks batteries
  • Available with a battery or as a bare tool
  • No cords to deal with
  • Three-year warranty


  • Prone to motor bracket failure
  • Heavy with the battery attached

Worx 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension
  • [UP HIGH OR DOWN LOW] It’s really 2-tools-in-1: A pole saw for trimming branches from trees, and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR] At 8 Amps, you’ll get consistent performance and reliability from this streamlined machine
  • [AUTO CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic oiler will always have the chain operating at peak efficiency, for faster, more controlled cuts
  • [COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] At only 10 pounds, this saw is designed to be held up high and to be maneuverable once it gets up there
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

This pole saw from Worx is slightly different from the other entries in this list for several reasons. Firstly, it has a ten-inch bar, which can handle slightly wider branches than the other eight-inch models we’ve seen so far. Secondly, the chainsaw portion of this saw detaches from the pole, meaning it can be used either as a standalone chainsaw or a pole saw.

While the version we’re looking at in this guide is the corded version, this saw also comes as a battery-powered unit. If you’re interested in the battery-powered version, keep in mind that that will add more weight to this already ten-pound saw.

Overall, this pole saw functions like a dream and is quite reliable. The only sticking points with it have to do with design, not function. Because this is designed to work both as a standalone chainsaw and a pole saw, it can be hard to see the saw’s blade when it’s on the bar’s end – the chain saw’s housing can hide things from view. Also, the saw is understandably topheavy when mounted on the eight-foot pole.

What’s best about this unit is that you can attach and detach the saw from the pole without any tools. Because of this, you can go from cutting high, out-of-reach branches to chopping those branches into fireplace-sized pieces in no time at all.


  • The ten-inch bar can handle larger branches
  • Can detach from the pole to be used as a handheld chainsaw
  • Reliable, sturdy, and inexpensive for what you’re getting


  • The saw’s housing can block your view when mounted on the pole
  • Top-heavy

Earthwise 8-Inch Convertible 2-In-1 Electric Pole Saw

Earthwise CVP41810 7 10" Handheld Saw-4.5 Amp 17" Pole Hedge Trimmer 4-in-1 Multi Tool, Grey
  • 4-in-1 chainsaw multi-tool that works as a pole hedge trimmer, pole saw, chainsaw, and hedge trimmer
  • Earthwise chainsaw multi-tool package includes a protective blade cover and shoulder strap
  • Earthwise pole saw max length is 8 feet and hedge pole trimmer max length is 8.8 feet
  • Chainsaw: 7 Amp motor with 10" Oregon Bar and Chain - Automatic oiling system (bar and chain oil not included); The chainsaw has a chain break feature
  • Hedge trimmer: 4.5 Amp motor with 18" blade cutting diameter

This electric pole saw from Earthwise is just like the Worx we looked at above: it can convert into a standalone chainsaw when you’re finished using it as a pole saw. However, instead of having a ten-inch bar like the Worx, this model has an eight-inch bar. This pole saw does come in a ten-inch version if you prefer, though.

While the eight-inch version can’t cut branches as big as the ten-inch can, it’s lighter, more comfortable to maneuver, and has a lower profile – it doesn’t have the same visibility issue that the Worx pole saw does. This saw also comes standard with an eight-foot pole that can collapse or extend.

Despite being a bit smaller than the Worx above, this eight-inch combo saw is appealing because of its ease of use. The standalone chainsaw is incredibly lightweight and maneuverable because of its size, so it’s great for those who have a hard time with heavy chain saws and pole saws.

Do keep in mind that this pole saw is a bit less durable than the Worx above, and the plastic housing is prone to chipping and, in extreme cases, cracking. The eight-inch combo saw can also be hard to come by, and it’s a bit pricey. In comparison, the ten-inch combo saw from Earthwise is significantly cheaper. Make sure to keep an eye on these numbers, though, as prices can always change.

Finally, you can also purchase this pole saw as a four-in-one set that comes with an additional hedge trimmer attachment.


  • The 2-in-1 unit can work as a standalone chainsaw or pole saw
  • Available as a 4-in-1 unit with a hedge trimmer attachment added
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Available with an eight-inch bar or a ten-inch bar


  • Plastic housing can be brittle
  • The eight-inch 2-in-1 pole saw is expensive and hard to come by


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch (LPP120)
  • Provides up to 100 cuts of 1 1/2 inches pine branches per charge
  • 8" cutting bar & chain allows for a maximum cutting diameter of 6"
  • Includes 1 high capacity 20V LI ion pack, charger, oil bottle & wrench
  • RPM: 375
  • Power source: Battery powered

This pole saw from BLACK+DECKER is interesting because of the sheer number of ways you can purchase it. You can buy this pole saw as the bare tool if you want or purchase it as a kit. The kit can come with an extra battery and charger, safety glasses, a leaf collection bin, or several other miscellaneous items.

The best way to purchase this saw is to buy the basic pole saw kit. This kit comes with the saw itself, a battery, a charger, a wrench, and an oil bottle. Note that this pole saw is the only automatic saw in this list that doesn’t oil itself.

All in all, this saw is pretty reliable, and it’s a high-quality product. It comes in at an attractive price for a battery-powered pole saw, especially with the battery included. It’s also a fair bit lighter than the other battery-powered Greenworks pole saw we looked at. The extension bars that come with this pole saw can be removed or collapsed to make it shorter. With the extension, this pole saw is eight feet long.

This pole saw is a great option as long as you don’t mind oiling the saw yourself. Some users may prefer it this way, as self-oiling chain saws can sometimes let out too much or too little oil. It can be challenging to tell when they need an oil refill, also.


  • Reliable pole saw
  • Lighter than other battery-powered saws
  • Available in several different kits and configurations
  • Well-priced for a tool with battery included


  • Not self-oiling (some people may prefer this)
  • Tends to stop working when the battery is low

Fiskars Chain Drive 16-Foot Extendable Pole Saw

Fiskars Chain Drive 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (394631-1001),White
  • Easily cut high branches with a sturdy tree trimming system that extends up to 16 feet and features a chain-drive design for up to 3X more power
  • Includes a precision-ground steel pruner for cutting branches up to 1 1/4 inch thick and a 15 inch hooked WoodZig saw for removing larger branches
  • Oval-shaped fiberglass and aluminum poles greatly reduce flex, allow you to control the cut direction and fit the natural shape of your hand
  • Secure double locking systems ensure the extended pole stays put
  • Full lifetime warranty

This pole saw from Fiskars is the only manual pole saw we’ll look at on this list, but it’s worth some consideration because of its fool-proof function and affordable price. Because this pole saw is so lightweight and maneuverable, it can extend nearly twice as far as the others on this list – a maximum of 16 feet.

This pole saw can cut branches just like the automatic pole saws, but the way you do so is different. You’ll have to supply the sawing action with this saw, and whether you can cut the branch successfully or not depends on your strength, the extension length of the pole, and the sharpness of the saw versus the hardness of the wood.

A manual pole saw like this one has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the most significant benefits of the saw is the lifetime warranty that it comes with. If any part of the saw malfunctions, you can get it replaced quickly and easily, not to mention as many times as you need to. Another benefit is its extended length – no automatic pole saw can reach as high as this one.

The main drawback of this pole saw is the size limitation on the branches it can cut. It’s not designed to lop thick branches off trees; instead, it’s designed to prune growth from manicured or young trees. As such, this pole may not be for everyone – it’s mainly for those who “manicure” their trees rather than lopping off whole branches. You can cut off large branches if you need to, but it’s an intensive, tiring process.


  • Great for trimming small, high-up branches
  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cannot cut thick branches easily
  • Not as sturdy as automatic pole saws

Our Top Choices

Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension
  • [UP HIGH OR DOWN LOW] It’s really 2-tools-in-1: A pole saw for trimming branches from trees, and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR] At 8 Amps, you’ll get consistent performance and reliability from this streamlined machine
  • [AUTO CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic oiler will always have the chain operating at peak efficiency, for faster, more controlled cuts
  • [COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] At only 10 pounds, this saw is designed to be held up high and to be maneuverable once it gets up there
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

Out of all the options on this list, our favorite is the Worx 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw. Not only is this saw affordably priced, but it’s a two-in-one unit that can act as both a chainsaw and a pole saw, and it has a bigger bar than most of its competitors on this list, too.

Not only that, but this Worx pole saw is reliable and sturdy. It tends to be a bit topheavy, as you might expect, but the saw comes with a shoulder strap to help mitigate this weight.

If you’re looking for a lighter saw, the Earthwise 2-In-1 8-Inch Convertible Pole Saw is a great choice, too. It’s more expensive than the Worx even though you’re getting a smaller size, but it’s much lighter and easier to maneuver. When detached, the chain saw portion is usable by just about anyone.

Best Pole Saw Attachments

You’ve been paying a tree company to trim off low-hanging limbs for a while now and honestly, you’re beginning to think you could do it yourself. And you’re absolutely right! All you need is a nice pole saw attachment and you’re ready to go! But how do you know which one is right for you? There are so many different ones online and all of the choices are making your head spin.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve tried three pole saw attachments and written what I think about them down below. So here are my picks for the best pole saw attachments for 2020.

Best Pole Saw Attachments for 2020

EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment

EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment for EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head System
  • Exclusively compatible with EGO Power+ power head PH1400 (available separately)
  • Includes 1 Oregon 10 in. Bar and chain
  • Narrow-kerf Sprocket nose and double guard bars; automatic lubrication system
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance

EGO is a pretty reliable lawn care brand. Their tools are made to last so you don’t have to worry about them crapping out on you at the worst possible moment. And honestly, the Power+ is no exception.

This is a great pole saw; it cuts through huge trees like butter and keeps on going with any complaints. The auto lube makes it especially easy to use since you don’t have to stop to apply more oil, which is nice.

Depending on the batteries you choose, it can go for hours without its performance suffering. It’s a great attachment for EGO tool.

Unfortunately, the plastic guard doesn’t have the best design. It’s attached by only one bolt which means it’s liable to detach and cause problems. It can get caught in the saw which, predictably, will completely destroy the cover, or get caught in the chain and you’ll have to spend time getting it out. The two solutions I’ve come up with is to either continually tighten the bolt, which isn’t that hard to do, or duct tape it. It’s not ideal, but the power and ease of use with this saw more than makes up for this design failure.

This pole saw attachment is battery-operated, which in itself isn’t that big of a deal, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t come with any batteries. This is a slight inconvenience that really bugged me when I first purchased this attachment. I did, however, choose a pretty decent rechargeable battery and this saw has worked like a dream since.

All in all, it’s a reliable attachment that you won’t have to replace for quite a while.



  • Plastic guard can loosen up, but easily tightened
  • Batteries not included

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw Attachment

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8" Polesaw with Bar and Chain Attachment for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads
  • 8-INCH BAR AND CHAIN: Bar and chain can cut logs up to 4” in diameter. Perfect for trimming high branches that were out of reach without the pole saw attachment.
  • EXPANSIVE HEIGHT AND REACH: Depending on operator height, adjustable extension allows for 2 height options up to 11 feet. Find the height that works best for you.
  • AUTOMATIC OILER: The bar and chain's best friend as it provides consistent lubrication to the bar and chain allowing them to work most efficiently and effectively.
  • WARRANTY: 2-year limited.
  • COMPATIBILTY: Fits Attachment capable units from Troy-Bilt, Remington, Craftsman, Yard Machines, Yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Greenworks, Kobalt and most other major brands. Powerhead coupler accepts 1 inch diameter tube Drive shaft connector: Square shape . 205” Female Attachment drive shaft: Square shape . 200” across flats. Check description below for all compatible models.

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is another great attachment that doesn’t have the glaring design flaw that the EGO Power+ had.

Trimmer Plus is another pretty reliable brand so you can be confident they aren’t selling a crappy product. I used it to cut some pretty large trees and didn’t have any issues.

But when I originally took this saw out of the box, I was a little worried. The chain is adjusted to be way too tight. It makes using this saw super unpleasant so make sure you loosen it up before doing any work. After that, it worked like a dream! It’s an incredibly lightweight saw; I let my daughter use it and she didn’t have any problems, even though she’s shorter than I am. It’s a lot easier to cut down limbs when I’m not fighting against a heavy saw so this was a huge plus.

Unlike the EGO Power+ this saw can be used with several other saw brands. If you’re unsure whether it will fit yours, there are tons of questions on the Amazon page. There’s an answer for just about any saw you can think of.

So all-in-all, this is a great attachment once you loosen the chain a bit. This is my go-to pole saw if I need to take out some low-hanging limbs or clean up a fallen tree. It’s an amazing product for the price!


  • Fits a wide variety of saws
  • Can cut large trees easily
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Chain is adjusted a bit too tight

Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA 10-inch Universal Articulating Pole Saw Attachment

Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA 10-inch Universal Articulating Pole Saw Attachment
  • EXTENDED REACH FOR HIGH BRANCHES - 10-inch articulating chain saw on a 30-inch shaft to easily reach high branches.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - Features an Oregon bar and chain that is common and easy to maintain
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZE BRUSH - 6" cutting capacity tackles small to medium sized brush and branches with ease
  • CONSISTENT, SMOOTH OPERATION - Automatic Lubrication feature keeps the chain running smooth
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING - Sunseeker, Ryobi, Toro, Craftsman and Troy Bilt

If you’re looking for a cheaper attachment to get your yard work done, then the Sunseeker is for you. While it isn’t going to last as long as the other saws on this list, the Sunseeker is half the price. But even at the incredibly low price it’s being sold at, the Sunseeker is still a pretty darn good saw. It can cut thick branches pretty smoothly and effortlessly. I especially appreciate the fact that it’s universal. You can use it with Toro, Sunseeker, Ryobi, Troy Bilt, or Craftsman saws.

This saw does require some assembly before you can use it. The bar and chain will need to be put on the saw. You’re not given any tools to do this assembly, so make sure you have a flathead screwdriver and a 10mm socket with you. If you’re new to using chain saws, I would recommend looking up some Youtube videos on how to put the bar and chain on since there are no instructions included with this pole saw.

Despite the problems I had with putting this saw together, I still thoroughly enjoy using it. I enjoyed saving some money on a saw that was a great value for what I paid. If you’re looking for a budget saw and you’re not afraid of attaching the bar and chain, you’ll love this attachment!


  • Good quality for the price
  • Cuts smoothly, even through thick branches
  • Compatible with multiple saws


  • Not as high quality as more expensive saws
  • Some assembly required


Any of these pole saws are great for someone looking to save some money. No longer will you have to hire a tree company to trim your low hanging branches! But if I had to choose a favorite, I would go with the TrimmerPlus since its design is a bit smarter than the EGO Power+ and it’s a bit of a better quality than the Sunseeker. But I have no doubt that you’ll come to love any of these attachments, regardless of what you choose!

Best Battery Pole Saws of 2020

If you need to trim branches high up in a tree, you could use a ladder and a regular chainsaw, but that can be quite dangerous. The better option is to use a powered pole saw. That said, there are many battery pole saws out there, so finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. In this article, we will be reviewing the best battery pole saws of 2020.


Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672
  • Green Works GMAX 40-Volt 2.0 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Pole Saw with 8-inch Bar and Chain, Includes Battery and Charger, Model No.20672.
  • 8-Inch Bar and Chain
  • Up To 60 Cuts on 4x4 Lumber
  • 3-Piece Aluminum Shaft Can Be Extended To 8 FT (11 FT Max Reach)
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil to the Bar and Chain for Continous Lubrication

This is a simple yet durable battery-powered pole saw designed for cutting tree limbs at heights.


The Greenworks Pole saw features a 3-piece aluminum pole which can be extended up to 8 feet, allowing you to reach fairly high up in trees. What is surprising is that this pole saw is quite lightweight, as it comes in at just over 8 pounds, so it shouldn’t be too hard to hold for prolonged periods of time.

This pole saw comes with an 8-inch bar and chain, which is ideal for cutting smaller branches and tree limbs. There is an easy chain tension adjustment system included, as well as an automatic bar and chain oiler. The charger and battery are both included, although the battery life here could definitely be better.


  • Fairly lightweight
  • Easy start
  • Easy tension adjustments
  • Automatic oiler
  • Long reach
  • Ideal for small and medium size branches


  • Battery life could be better


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch (LPP120)
  • Provides up to 100 cuts of 1 1/2 inches pine branches per charge
  • 8" cutting bar & chain allows for a maximum cutting diameter of 6"
  • Includes 1 high capacity 20V LI ion pack, charger, oil bottle & wrench
  • RPM: 375
  • Power source: Battery powered

If you need a pole saw that has a good battery life and a really long reach, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw is a good option to consider.


What’s quite impressive about this pole saw is that it features a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can make up to 100 cuts per charge; this is better than most others out there.

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw weighs just over 10 pounds, which is not too heavy, but also not the lightest around. What is really cool is that this pole saw allows you to cut branches up to 14 feet above you, thanks to the dual extension poles.

This tool comes with an 8-inch cutting bar that can easily cut branches with diameters of up to 6 inches, and the 20 volt motor allows the chain to spin at 375 RPM.


  • Very long reach
  • Good battery life
  • Ideal for small and medium size tree limbs
  • Blade guard included
  • Fairly lightweight



CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw, 14-Foot (CMCCSP20M1)
  • EXTENDED RUN TIME: High capacity 4.0 Ah battery pack allows for extended runtime
  • EXTENDED REACH: Up to 14 foot reach** with extension pole
  • PRECISE CUTS: Angled head and blade for cutting precision
  • MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY: Soft grip on pole extension provides maximum maneuverability
  • VERSATRACK COMPATIBLE: Use the integrated hook to hang this tool directly on the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System (sold separately)

If you need a high-quality pole saw with an amazing battery life and lots of power, the CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw is definitely worth checking out.


The CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw comes with a 4.0 Ah battery. It allows this saw to make hundreds of cuts on a single charge.

This pole saw is quite versatile because the main pole extends, and it comes with an additional attachment pole for a total reach of 14 feet.

What stands out is the angled blade design which allows for great accuracy and maneuverability. Something else that helps with both maneuverability and comfort is the soft grip on the handle. Keep in mind that this saw comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Great warranty
  • Impressive battery life
  • Lots of power
  • Very long reach
  • Soft grip handle


  • Quite expensive
  • No bar oil included

Greenworks 8.3′ 24V Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8.3' 24V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20352
  • 24V Lithium-Ion Battery compatible with both indoor and outdoor tools--includes 2Ah Battery and Charger
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain to ensure durability and extend the life of the chain
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft. for the perfect extended

This pole saw is the shorter and less powerful version of the other Greenworks pole saw which we reviewed. It’s got the same features, just a bit smaller, also with a lower price tag.


The Greenworks 8.3′ 24V Cordless Pole Saw, as you can tell by the name of it, is a total of 8.3 feet long, which provides a decent reach for low-hanging branches. The 24V motor isn’t the strongest around, but it’s more than good enough to make some small and simple cuts.

This model comes with an 8-inch bar and chain which can cut through branches up to 6 inches in diameter. As with the previous Greenworks model, this one also comes with an easy tension adjustment system as well as an automatic bar oiler.

The 2 Ah battery pack is pretty decent, although its runtime on a single charge could be a bit better, and yes, the charger is included.


  • Easy chain tension adjustments
  • Automatic bar oiler
  • Good for smaller branches that hang fairly low
  • Charger is included
  • Pole can be adjusted for length


  • Battery life is not great
  • Reach is not overly long

Greenworks PRO 80V 10 Inches Brushless Cordless Polesaw

Greenworks PRO 80V 10 Inches Brushless Cordless Polesaw, Battery Not Included PS80L00,Green/Black
  • 10 Inches Bar and Chain. High Performance 1/4 Inches Chain For Quick Cutting
  • Brushless Motor Provides More Torque, Quiet Operation, and Longer Life
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil To The Bar and Chain For Continuous Lubrication
  • (Replacement Chain: 2937002). Use Greenworks GWSH0 Chainsaw Safety Helmet For Added Protection
  • Battery and Charger Not Included. Translucent oil tank for clear view of oil level

This is another tool from Greenworks, and this pole saw is the most powerful of all 3 from this brand name we have looked at so far, and might actually be the most powerful on the list today.


While this isn’t the cheapest pole saw around, it is a very powerful option to consider, and it’s thanks to the 80 volt brushless motor that powers it. Brushless motors are great because they have plenty of torque and power, they are quieter, and they have longer lifespans.

As with the other pole saws from Greenworks, this model also comes with an easy chain tension adjustment system as well as an automatic bar oiler.

A big difference is that whereas the other Greenworks pole saws came with 8 inch bars, this one has a 10 inch bar, which means that it’s ideal for fairly large tree limbs. However, what needs to be said is that it still uses the same 2 Ah battery, which is not great for a strong motor such as this one.


  • Brushless motor
  • Long bar
  • Lots of power
  • Fairly lightweight (considering the power)
  • Automatic oiler
  • Easy chain tension adjustments


  • Battery life is very limited
  • Fairly expensive


The most important factors you want to look for are pole length, power, battery life, durability, and bar length. If you keep all of these factors in mind, you should have no problems finding the best pole saw for your needs.

How to Maintain Your Pole Saw

maintain your pole saw

Just like every kind of saw, pole saws can get dull over time, and they require regular maintenance. The more you use the pole saw, and the tougher the wood being cut, the faster the blade will dull and the more often it will need maintenance. Let’s talk about what exactly a pole saw is and how you can keep it in prime condition for as long as possible.

Pole Saws

What you need to know is that there are varieties of pole saws out there. The most basic pole saws are manual in nature; they feature a long pole with a sharp blade at the front, which you use to manually move back and forth to saw wood.

This is not what we are here to discuss today. We are here to talk about maintaining your power pole saw — a pole with a power saw at the front.

To be specific, most powered pole saws come in the form of a long pole with a chainsaw located at the front. These can be electric, battery- or gas-powered. Today we want to talk about how to maintain this specific type of pole sole, the chainsaw variety.

Pole Saw Maintenance Tips

Let’s go over the most important pole saw maintenance tips to ensure maximum performance and efficiency, while also ensuring your safety.

Before Using the Pole Saw

There are a few things that you want to do before you turn your pole saw on for use. These pre-flight checks, so to speak, are very important, especially for your safety.

  • Always ensure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are very tight. You don’t want anything coming loose during use. Loose components can be safety hazards
  • Always check the chain on your pole saw before use. If it appears to have any broken links or other forms of damage, you will first need to make repairs to the chain or replace the whole chain
  • Ensure that both the trigger and the trigger lock move normally and function. You don’t want to start the saw only to find out that the trigger gets stuck in the on position
  • If you are using a gas-powered pole saw, make sure that the air filter is clean. If need be, replace the air filter with a new one. The air filter is an important component of any gas powered pole saw, and it needs to be kept in immaculate condition
  • Always make sure that there are no fuel leaks from the gas tank and the engine, as well as ensuring that there are no oil leaks

After Using the Pole Saw

There are some maintenance tips that you should adhere to after each use.

  • Use a damp rag to clean the exterior of the pole saw from top to bottom. Remove any dirt and particles you can find. Make sure to clean the protective cover that surrounds the blade
  • Return the pole saw to its proper storage location. Below, we have a small section on how to properly store your pole saw

Weekly Maintenance

When it comes to pole saws, here are some maintenance tips that you should adhere to after every few jobs, so about once per week.

  • Always check to see if the pole saw has enough oil. Check the oil level and refill the oil as needed
  • Make sure that all cables and connections are solid. This means that the wires should be in top condition. Here, you will also want to check the starter cord for wear
  • You may also want to look for damage on the elements which dampen vibrations. If these become damaged, your pole saw will vibrate a lot more
  • Remove the spark plug and clean it. Then, adjust the gap according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific pole saw

Monthly Maintenance

Finally, here are some monthly checks and procedures to follow to help keep your pole saw in the best shape.

  • Make sure that the fuel filter does not have any clogs. If the fuel filter has clogs, it will need to be replaced
  • If you use the pole saw on a daily basis, such as for a landscaping or arborist job, you will want to replace the spark plugs on a monthly basis
  • You should aim to sharpen your pole saw at least once per month, just to keep the blade in peak condition so it can make quick work out of any branches in its path

Storing Your Pole Saw: Tips

Just like maintenance, if you want the best results time after time, you will also need to store the pole saw properly. Improper storage can lead to degradation and damage that can end up costing you more money. Here are some pole saw storage tips for you to follow.

  • Always store your pole saw in a relatively cool and dry place. Extreme temperatures can affect the longevity and maintenance schedule of the saw, so keep it in a location that has a moderate temperature. Excessive moisture can also create issues, so keep it in a dry location
  • Make sure to store the pole saw securely. Don’t just leave it laying around on a table where it can be knocked down, and don’t let it hang somewhere it might easily fall. Pole saws can be sensitive to impacts, so be sure to take the proper storage precautions
  • Try to store the pole saw away from things that should be kept immaculately clean. The chain oil may seep off the chain a little bit, in which case anything under the chain will get messy. Put an old rag under the saw to keep your floor clean.


As you can see, pole saw maintenance is quite basic and easy. You want to follow all possible maintenance procedures, and if you ignore any of the above tips for too long, you’ll end up with an unusable pole saw sooner rather than later.

Must Have Tools For Proper Tree Care

Owning the proper tree care tools helps you in caring for your garden trees. You need to prune or trim your trees now and then to encourage vigorous growth.

If we talk about pruning tools, they are crucial for better tree growth and fruit production. Proper pruning encourages plant health, and it also helps to remove limbs and unnecessary branches. It also helps to enhance natural tree shape, which gives gorgeous appeal to the tree. Tree pruning in the right way and the right time is essential because your negligence can kill a beautiful and healthy tree.

Along with tree pruning, regular tree trimming is also imperative for proper safety. If your tree is diseased or dead, it can be risky. You need an appropriate tool of trimming to take care of your tree. The tree limbs can fall easily because of storms or heavy winds and damage your property or home. Trimming is also necessary for tree health and appearance.

Why Do You Need Tree Care Tools?

You should use some tools for proper tree care, and these tools are significant because they:

  • Can save a storm-damaged tree
  • Provide clearance
  • Help to reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Helps in better tree growth and appearance
  • Manages fruit production
  • Improves tree aesthetics
  • Provide better tree structure

Best Tools for Proper Tree Care

Knowing that it’s time to buy some tools for tree care, it leads to a few more questions? Like what kind of tools you need to buy? Where to buy those tools? Etc.

Here is the list of must-have tools for proper tree care. You will learn about the tools you should have for minor touch-up or adequate tree care.

Felco Tree Pruning Shears

Felco Pruning Shears (F 7) - High Performance Swiss Made One-Hand Garden Pruners
  • ULTRA DURABLE - The premium pruning clippers are constructed of forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades. All pruner components can be replaced in this dependable model.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The garden scissors have a revolving handle for extra comfort, and they are suitable for every type of pruning with ergonomically designed cushioned-shock absorber softens the cutting impact. The pruner features a rotating handle for increased comfort.
  • PRECISE PRUNING - This bypass pruner offers a large cutting capacity and well-balanced weight for optimal gardening. This high-performance pruner features a wire cutter for small wires and a sap groove to minimize the blade sticking.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Hardened steel blade and screw-mounted anvil blade ensure reliably clean, precise cuts. Narrow pointed anvil blade allows easy access to twiggy branches and assures a close cut to the trunk.
  • FOR LARGE HAND - The Swiss-made plant cutter is optimal for large-sized hands. The small branch trimmer has an 8.3-inch (210mm) length, 0.98-inch (25mm) cutter diameter, and has a 0.64 lb (290 gram) weight.

The felco tree shears are best for pruning as they are made of aluminum handles and steel blades. This dependent tool will replace all your tree pruner components. Felco pruner has the revolving handle that provides extra comfort to the gardener. These tools are best for every type of tree pruning because of its ergonomic hand fitting design.

Felco pruner has a cushion-shock absorber that softens all the cutting that aids in risk-free pruning without any injury. Its hard steel blade ensures reliable, clean, and accurate cutting. Moreover, its anvil blade provides easy access to the twiggy tree branches to make a close cut to the trunk.

This tree pruner may also help to touch-up the small branches. For live branches, you can try by-pass pruning shears either. It resembles a pair of scissors, and it is suitable for cutting at awkward angles.

Fiskars Power Gear Bypass Lopper

Fiskars 25-Inch Ultra Blade Power Gear Bypass Lopper (9136)
  • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
  • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
  • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum handles that fit comfortably in your hands
  • Bypass blade for clean cuts of green, living growth with cutting capacity: 1-1/2"

You will love this Fiskars Power gear Bypass Lopper from the first time you will use it. Its gear is amazing, and its patent-pending technology multiplies its leverage to offer 3x more power with every cut. It means you can go through thick branches that are hard to cut with the traditional old loppers.

The new Fiskars design includes better and more modified gears. Its innovative cam mechanism is best to optimize the cutting power where the branch is too thick, and you will need it in the middle of the cut. Every cut is a lot easier with this new lopper design.

Moreover, this tool will provide your comfort and control. Its longer handle provides versatile use with the oval shape grips for comfortable use. The soft grip to touchpoints will aid in preventing blisters.

Remington RM1425 Limb and Trim Chainsaw

Remington 41AY4218983 RM4218CS 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw 18-Inch Bar, Automatic Oiler, and Low Kickback Chain, 42cc-18-Inch, Orange
  • HIGH OUTPUT ENGINE WITH 18-INCH BAR & CHAIN: 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine provides greater power and less vibration. Premium 18-Inch bar and low-kickback chain cuts through even the toughest wood quickly and easily.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE POLY CHASSIS: Easy to Handle, lighter in weight, without sacrificing power. This polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.
  • QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quicker, smoother and easier pull starts allowing you to get to work right away on yard work, lawn care, and other projects.
  • ADJUSTABLE AUTO CHAIN OILER with EASY VIEW: Keeps the proper amount of lubricant on the chain to ensure the saw cuts smoothly and safely by having vision of the oil level.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE: 3-point anti-vibration system and an ergonomically-designed handle makes this chainsaw more balanced, maneuverable and comfortable to operate.

Chainsaws are also best as a tree trimming equipment. This tool is best to cut limbs and saplings. This is an electric chainsaw, you just need to plug-in and go, and that’s what you need to start it.

Remington Limb N Trim electric chainsaw provides you with user-friendly features. It has a 14-inch kickback bar and chain that comes with the push-button oiler. Its internal adjustment system is reliable for the chain tensioning for the smoother cut.

Unlike the gas chainsaws, it doesn’t require any gasoline to start. This machine can be your other hand, and it will adapt any job you want to do. The electric motor roars to life whenever you press the trigger. Moreover, this tool has a warranty of 2 years, and you can buy it on amazon.

Electric Wood Chipper

Sun Joe CJ602E-GRY 15 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder, One Size, Grey
  • Ideal for turning branches and twigs into nutrient-rich garden mulch
  • Powerful 15 amp motor effectively chips and shreds branches up to 1.5-Inches thick
  • Compact design with 6-inch wheels for easy portability
  • Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty

Do your job to reduce, reuse, and recycle with this fantastic electric wood chipper. It generates the speed up to 4300 per min to work out of the brush, branches, and leaves that are crowding your lawn or garden. It will effectively shred and chip the wooden sticks and limbs that are 1.5 inches thick. This is the perfect tool to use around your flower beds or trees.

This tool is best for light-duty jobs, and it will clear your yard waste up to 1/16 of its original size. Along with that, it is quite easy to assemble and maintain. It is ready to go whenever you want to use it. Just plug in the switch and start chipping immediately.

iGarden 3 Piece Lopper, Hedge and Pruner Shear

iGarden 3 Piece Combo Garden Tool Set with Lopper, Hedge Shears and Pruner Shears, Tree & Shrub Care Kit
  • 3 Piece Combo Garden Tool Set includes Lopper and Hedge Shear and Soft grip Bypass Pruner.
  • This 3 piece set is made with high carbon steel blades and comfort grip rubber handles.
  • For smooth, easy cuts on tree branches, comfortable use and lasting value.
  • A fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, and a rust-resistant, low-friction coating makes every cut even easier.

This tool is the combination of 3 best pieces of lopper, hedger shear, and by-pass pruner shear for the proper tree. You can buy this 3 in 1 tool for proper tree and shrub care. These tree care tool blades are made of high carbon steel. Its rubber handle determines the comfortable grip over the tools. You can use these tools to cut tree branches, and they provide lasting value if you use them properly. It’s hard, and precision-ground steel blades stay sharp and rust-free. Moreover, its low friction coating makes this tool the best choice for cutting tree branches.

How to Care for Your Tree Care Tools

Having the right tools is only good when you keep them in proper working order. Keeping them clean after every use is important so they last longer. Proper cleaning is also vital because tree diseases can also spread from tree to tree in no time.

Always carry a piece of cloth or a rag with you while taking care of the tree so you can clean/wipe the blades between different uses. Always make sure to wipe the blades with alcohol if you are pruning diseased branches before moving to the next tree. Also, sharpen the blades of your tools every now and then.

5 Best Pole Saws for 2020

If you have a yard, a pole saw without a doubt should be the next thing you must buy. Maintaining a beautiful yard can be the most hectic job to do, especially when you don’t want to break your bank every month to pay professionals. Having a bushy yard that has vines covering your neighbor’s roof can be the worst thing you can do when you have a beautiful home inside. That’s exactly where pole saws make the cut. Pole saws have a specific tendency that makes them the best investment in the long-term for keeping your yard top-notch.

Before we dig deeper, let’s get down to basics.

What is a Pole Saw?

In general, pole saws are portable and convenient versions of your traditional chainsaws. They have a chainsaw attached at the end of a sturdy pole. They are powered by either electricity, gas, batteries or manual work. While this saw isn’t as big as the regular chainsaws – it is powerful enough to allow you prune and tidy up your yard with ease.

Why Exactly Do You Need a Pole Saw?

Keeping all of that aside, why you may need a pole saw when you can use any other tool to mow the mess in your yard? Pole saws possess vital features that won’t just make your work easier, but will help you keep your yard in shape too. They have many benefits over your traditional saws. Here are some of the reasons why a pole saw is worth your investment:

Long and convenient – generally, you may undergo a perilous process of climbing ladders with your hazardous chainsaws in order to get a well-tamed yard. Guess what, not anymore. The pole’s long tendency helps you to effortlessly prune branches while standing on the ground.

Compact and lightweight – carrying having chainsaws on an elevated height can be no further from serious injuries. Pole saw offers lightweight and compact design which make trimming a seamless process.

Fast and portable – they have strong motors and extra sharp blades that cut thick tree branches. Other than that, these machines feature removable pole that retracts to a compact size that enables you to use it like a chainsaw. Yes, that’s right. It provides 2-in-1 solution!

Since you’ve decided to keep reading, we have done all the homework for you. In this article, we have listed and collated the best pole saws for 2020 among thousands of pole saws that you will see in the market.

The 5 Best Pole Saws for 2020

Here is a list of top 5 best pole saws for 2020 that you can find on Amazon:

Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch 8.0 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Chain Saw

Making it no 1 on our list is Sun Joe’s 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Saw for dealing with close-up mowing. Its primary aim is to take the danger and difficulty out of trimming overgrown trees. Its powerful motor and compact size make it easier to tackle hard-to-reach branches in the yard, making it ideal for overhanging limbs and thin logs.


  • Electrically powered
  • Instantly converts to a handheld chainsaw
  • 8-inch chain length
  • 6.3 ft – 8.6 ft telescoping pole
  • 15 ft of overhead reach
  • Can cut up to 7 inches of thick branches


  • Can handle the most stubborn tree limbs
  • Durable design
  • Contains auto-oiler to keep the bar and chain fully lubricated during use
  • Carries full two-year of warranty
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • Can cause serious damage if not used carefully.
  • Difficult to maneuver

Happybuy Telescopic Pole Saw

Happybuy Telescopic Pole Saw 6-24 Foot Extendable Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw with 2-Foot Saw Blade For Pruning and trimming Branches and Leaves (6-24 Feet)
  • ♠【Durable Material】- Aluminum alloy telescopic pole, Mn steel saw, lightweight and durable.
  • ♠【Telescopic Pole】- Features 7.8m overall length, 1.8-7.2 m (6-24 ft) telescopic range, the telescope pole saw is ideal for trimming and pruning branches and leaves.
  • ♠【Sharp Saw】- The precision-ground, sharp teeth feature four cutting angles to ensure fast, clean, smooth cutting. 【Labor-saving】- The foam grip increases friction to improve trimming efficiency, features shock absorption while increasing comfort.
  • ♠【Labor-saving】- The foam grip increases friction to improve trimming efficiency, features shock absorption while increasing comfort.
  • ♠【Wide Application】- Ideal for pruning, trimming leaves at forestry, lawn, garden and other place that needs to trim the branches and leaves.

Second on our list is this magnificent Happybuy Telescopic Pole Saw. It offers a vast variety of handy features from competitive sharp blades to long pole which makes it easy to access long branches. Something worth considering is that the manufacturers didn’t only focus on its technical features, but the comfort of the users as well.


  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Can be used for wide range of applications
  • Overall length of 7.8 m (25.6 ft)


  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Offers good value for money


  • It is not robust enough
  • Flimsy grip

Greenworks Pole Saw Attachment

Greenworks 3' Pole Saw Attachment for String Trimmer PSA81,Black/Green
  • Fits all Green works attachment capable string trimmers
  • Wall hanging hook included for convenient storage
  • 8" Bar and Chain
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain when needed for durability
  • Extension Shaft Included. 2 Year

Third on our list is Greenworks Pole Saw Attachment especially designed for String Trimmer. The manufacturer has a reputable image in the industry making this pole saw a trustworthy investment. This versatile tool is designed for your attachment capable string trimmer, providing multiple functions to get the most out of your machine.


  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain when needed
  • Can run for up to 45 minutes


  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Features a wall hanging hook
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Extended longevity


  • Weak battery
  • Low operation speed

WORX WG309 8 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension
  • [UP HIGH OR DOWN LOW] It’s really 2-tools-in-1: A pole saw for trimming branches from trees, and a regular chainsaw for projects on the ground
  • [POWERFUL MOTOR] At 8 Amps, you’ll get consistent performance and reliability from this streamlined machine
  • [AUTO CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic oiler will always have the chain operating at peak efficiency, for faster, more controlled cuts
  • [COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT] At only 10 pounds, this saw is designed to be held up high and to be maneuverable once it gets up there
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

Fourth on our list is another 2-in-1 pole saw. This WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw is patented with auto tension chain system for extended bar & chain life, making it the most versatile pole saw on our list.


  • Oil tank capacity of 120 mm
  • 8 ft extension pole that provides 10 ft of reach
  • Tool-less installation
  • Weighs about 10 lbs


  • Compact and light weight
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Powerful motor
  • Consistent performance


  • Might prove to be hazardous for beginners
  • Takes at least 5 seconds to turn off completely

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Pole Pruning Saw

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Pole Pruning Saw // DocaPole Extension Pole + GoSaw Attachment // Use on Pole or By Hand // Long Extension Pole Saw // Telescopic Tree Pruner Pole // Extendable Limb Saw and Trimmer
  • Ideal high-reach, light-weight pruning saw ONLY for light pruning of branches not more than 3” in diameter – For heavier pruning, see the DocaPole 6-24 Foot Double-Duty GoSaw Kit which features 2X thicker aluminum – Dual-use saw means two great uses in one saw! Use as a pole saw for pruning high or hand-held saw for pruning and grooming low.
  • Razor sharp 13-inch bi-directional cut w/3X tooth design. Sturdy, lightweight handle with comfort grip and locking screw to secure the saw onto the pole
  • For optimal performance, use with 4/5 (or less) pole sections extended – this will provide about 22 feet of pruning reach when used standing – always extend and use the thicker, lower pole segments first if not using at full extension – overlap pole segments by not fully extending them for increased pole rigidity
  • Thumb lever clasps and screws enable clasps to be tightened by screwdriver if required to prevent pole slippage – customize your desired level of thumb lever tension
  • TIP: LET THE SAW DO THE WORK – Focus on the up and down cutting motion with the pole to let the saw do the work and minimize pole bend. For a heavier-duty pole, see our DOCAPOLE 6-24 FOOT DOUBLE-DUTY GOSAW KIT

Making it fifth on our list is the Amazon’s best-selling pole saw. DocaPole promises to be the absolute best high-reach dual-use pruning saw on the market today. It also offers two great uses in ONE saw! You can either use it as a pole saw for pruning high branches or hand-held saw for pruning and grooming low.


  • High-quality and lightweight aluminum telescoping pole
  • Sharp 13-inch bi-directional cut with 3X tooth design
  • 6 to 24 feet of extension providing 28 feet of reach


  • Used by hand or through the extended pole.
  • Can be used with an array of attachments
  • Offers good value for money


  • Dangerous to use
  • Heavy


It is possible to find a suitable pole saw within your budget that also fulfills your requirements and makes the work easier and simpler. Check out the above list and take your pick by keeping in view your budget and needs.

Pocket Chainsaw vs. Folding Saw

So, you need to cut some wood, but don’t know what to use. You are considering a folding saw or a pocket saw as your main means of attack. However, when it comes to pocket saw vs. folding saw, what are the differences? Is one of them better? Let’s find out.

Pocket Chainsaw vs. Folding Saw

Ease of Use

The first thing to consider between these two tools is which one is easier to use. First off, a folding saw only requires you to use a single hand with an easy back and forth motion. Moreover, the stroke, a simple back and forth motion, is also very easy.

Now, on the other hand, pocket chainsaws are also very easy to use. However, they do have a small downfall, which is that you need both hands and arms to operate them, which means that if you have an injury to one hand or arm, it’s going to make it harder. Also, with a pocket chainsaw, the stroke is a bit more difficult, as you have to move in opposite directions with both hands. In other words, you need a high level of hand-eye coordination to use them.


Pocket chainsaws are ideal for-long term use, at least if you get a high-quality option. Most modern pocket chainsaws have self-sharpening and self-cleaning blades, which means that they can be used for a long time without requiring maintenance. The same cannot be said for a folding saw, which does not have self-sharpening or cleaning blades, and therefore has a shorter lifespan in this sense, at least if you do not maintain it.

With all of that being said, short-term durability is a bit different. When it comes to folding saws, they tend to be quite durable in the sense that they have fairly thick blades with tough teeth. Breaking a tooth or the whole blade is almost impossible with a folding saw. However, on the other hand, a pocket chainsaw has a chain, and that chain can break along any of the links, and the teeth can chip off too. So in terms of short-term durability, a folding saw is probably the go-to option.

Weight and Size

When it comes to weight and size, a pocket chainsaw is probably going to be the winner in most cases. Folding saws and pocket chainsaws can come in various sizes, and the larger they are, the heavier they will be. Yet, if we take the average size of both, a pocket chainsaw will usually be a bit lighter in weight than a folding saw.

Therefore, because a pocket chainsaw is lighter, it takes less energy and effort to use and to transport than a folding saw. In terms of transportation and weight, it’s the folding chainsaw that is most likely going to be the better option for you. Pocket chainsaws can also be compacted into small packages, and they usually always come with a small pouch ideal for transportation.

Size of Log That Can Be Cut

In terms of the size of a log or piece of wood that can be cut, if you are looking to complete large jobs, one of these tools is much better than the other. A folding saw has a certain blade length, sometimes 1 foot long, sometimes 2 feet, but remember that when you have to stroke back and forth, a few inches are needed just for the motion itself. You cannot cut a log of 1 foot in diameter with a blade that is 1-foot long. Simply put, with a folding saw, you can really only perform smaller jobs. Even a 2-foot long blade can only handle so much wood.

On the other hand, a pocket chainsaw can come with a chain that is up to 4-feet long, and therefore you can perform much larger jobs with it. A pocket chainsaw, a large one, can be used to cut full size logs with ease, whereas a folding saw is really only ideal for smaller branches and tasks of that nature. If you need something to cut large logs, it’s a pocket chainsaw you need to go with.

Variety of Jobs That Can Be Performed

A pocket chainsaw can handle larger jobs than a folding saw, but how does it stack up in terms of variety? Simply put, a pocket chainsaw is really only good for a single thing, and that is sawing large logs, and maybe for cutting down some small to medium-size trees.

However, although a folding saw cannot handle as big of logs or trees, they can handle smaller ones, plus many other tasks. Really anything that a normal saw can do, a folding saw can do. The fact of the matter is that a folding saw can be used for a much wider variety of tasks than a pocket chainsaw.


The final point of comparison has to do with speed. A folding saw is a bit slower and more cumbersome than a pocket chainsaw. With a folding saw, you are only attacking one side of the wood with a back and forth stroke. A pocket chainsaw attacks the wood from both sides, and you can get some good speed and technique going too. If you want to saw logs with speed, a pocket chainsaw is the way to go.

Pocket Chainsaw vs. Folding Saw — Final Verdict

As can be seen, both pocket chainsaws and folding saws have their merits. A folding saw might be a bit more user-friendly, and it can handle a wider variety of tasks, not to mention increase short-term durability; however, over the long run, the pocket chainsaw has better durability, plus it’s much faster at cutting larger pieces.