Pole Saw Safety Equipment

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Pruning and trimming trees is not as simple as snipping shrubs or levelling hedges. Trees need more attention to maintain, and things like branches, falling dirt and debris pose a hazard to gardeners that try to cut them down. Safety is essential while working on trees, especially if you’re using pole saws. For most homeowners, pole saws are the tool of choice to keep unruly plants in check. However, pole saws are not toys. They can cause injuries at any time without warning. That is why you need Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); to reduce risks of injuries and accidents during work.

Most accidents in the field occur simply because operators fail to wear the required personal protective equipment. At a minimum, get yourself a hard hat, a pair of goggles with full coverage and a pair of non-slip work gloves. To save yourself a day in the hospital and a visit to your doctor, it is vital that you fully armor yourself before going out to operate the pole saw. What are some of the PPE one needs to have? Well, let’s take a look!

  1. Helmet

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System (Orange)
  • 5 in 1 safety helmet comes with helmet, adjustable/removable earmuffs, plastic visor, and mesh visor, providing dynamic protection for any job
  • Provides the protection you need when using chainsaws, brush cutters, and trimmers, ideal for forestry type work.Noise Reduction:SNR 26dB
  • Secures firmly on head and convenient dial knob makes it easy to adjust the circumference 20 - 24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters)
  • Lightweight, interchangeable mesh and plastic visors provide shielding from debris
  • All parts are ANSI and CE approved - Helmet carries a Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating

Should a kickback occur or a branch fall off a tree, the helmet will be there to save the day. The hard hat worn on your head is one of the most important equipment that any gardener should possess. Protection by the helmet, however, will only be successful if the chain brake is in place to stop the saw. Otherwise, at full speed it could easily cut through the helmet into your skull; something no one would wish to undergo!

The helmet together with its eye protection guard is also used to protect users against miniature flying objects such as twigs and branches.

Heat from the sun causes the plastic of the helmet to weaken with time. It is therefore recommended that you replace a helmet after 3-5 years. How can you know when it is time to replace your helmet? You may ask. Here’s how; helmets normally come with symbols inside showing their manufacturing dates. Recent models come with a sticker on the outside. With time, they fade, and this is a clear indication that they need to be changed. Another method of determining whether a helmet should be replaced is by pressing its sides towards each other. If a cracking sound is heard, then it’s time for a replacement. The CSA-approved hard hat should be of a bright color that is easily visible.

  1. Goggles and Visors

UVEX by Honeywell Stealth OTG Safety Goggles with Clear Dura-Streme Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Lens & Fabric Headband (S3970DF)
  • WEAR OVER YOUR GLASSES: Unique Stealth OTG (Over-the-Glass) design fits comfortably over most prescription eyewear; wraparound style provides good peripheral vision and side protection; clear toric lens is suitable for most work environments
  • DURA-STREME ANTI-SCRATCH / ANTI-FOG COATING: Dual-coating technology combines two of our best coatings for superior performance: Uvextreme Anti-Fog on the interior and Ultra-Dura Anti-Scratch on the exterior; indirect ventilation system minimizes fogging
  • SPLASH & IMPACT PROTECTION: Gap-free fit protects eyes from splashes, mists, dusts etc; low-profile design reduces chance of snagging; frame and lens are both impact-resistant for workplace safety; meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3; made in the U.S.A
  • LONGWEARING ECONOMICAL COMFORT: Flexible body moves with your face vs. resisting & digging in; soft, elastomer seal & nose bridge inhibits bruising and chafing; easy snap-on lens replacement allows for different lens colors to suit different applications
  • CUSTOM FIT FABRIC HEADBAND: Pivoting, quick-adjust fabric headband provides custom fit; some people find fabric material more comfortable than neoprene; fabric headband is also a bit wider so digs in less, and tends to catch/grab hair less than neoprene

The goggles’ purpose is presumably conversant to many; preventing foreign and harmful bodies from penetrating into the users’ eyes. The visor is delicate and should have extensive coverage of the face and eyes particularly. It’s made this way so it doesn’t take a chance with the relatively small and fast flying wood chips. Unlike other wood tools, chainsaws do not produce sawdust, and if present, then very seldom. Only chips that are large and unable to fit through the mesh are produced. Convenient for the users, right?

Pole saw users vary on their preferences when it comes to making a choice between goggles and visors. The choice is usually dependent on the working environment. When it comes to ventilation, the visor is a better alternative. Goggles, on the other hand, don’t take chances with chips and fully cover the eyes. Safety first!

  1. Safety Mitt

The chainsaw safety mitt is made of leather and customarily fitted to the front bar though it is usually free to rotate. Its primary purpose is to ensure that in case a kickback occurs, the user’s hand securely remains on the bar of the pole saw. This makes the kickback more controllable, with the chain brake effortlessly engaging. The safety mitt also protects the left hand in case the chain derails jumping to the front. Safety mitts have a protection class ranging between 16-20 m/s chain speed.

  1. Leather Boots

Ever Boots"Tank" Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole (10.5 D(M), Darkbrown)
  • Ever Yours – Get ready to get stuff done your way. Pull on your leather Ever Boots for men and women on a mission. Your Tank boots are here to carry you at work, at home, and all points between.
  • All-Day Comfort – Enjoy a perfect blend of support and maneuverability from your tall ankle-length boots. Wear them for hours for construction work, contracting, landscaping, manual labor, and more.
  • Nubuck Uppers – Be supported, not restricted, by supple nubuck with reinforced stitches, a soft toe, and a padded collar. If you work construction or other physical jobs this is the boot for you.
  • Solid Foundation – Stomp and tromp without slipping or tripping. Feel the stability of a wide rubber sole and excellent arch support. Easily remove your work boot insoles if you need custom orthotics.
  • Sizing - True size to big brand men work boots. Women size 9 is Ever Boots size 7

The chainsaw boots come at a similar design with the reinforced steel-toed boots, but with multiple layers of protective fabric on the front exposed area. They are available in both laced-up leather and rubber wellington versions, all dependent on the users’ tastes. The purpose of the boots is no rocket science. It is used to protect the users against the front and sideways cuts. It also prevents them from stepping on sharp wooden objects that may be lying around.

  1. Gloves

Leather Work Gloves - Split Leather Design - Heavy Duty Industrial Safety Gloves - Fits Both Men & Women - All-Season (Summer/Winter) - Perfect for Mechanics, Welding, Gardening, Driving, and More!
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design – 100% split cow leather. designed for commercial and industrial use, also great for basic household duties!
  • Keep Your Hands Protected – Tarvol Work Gloves keep your hands completely safe & comfortable while you work!
  • Fits All Sizes - Extremely comfortable fit! designed a to fit both men & women.
  • Perfect For All Types Of Occupations - Including mechanics, driving, wood cutting, agricultural, farming, construction, forklift drivers, and more!

Statistics have shown that most chainsaw injuries occurring to the hand, take place on the back of the left hand. For this reason, the chainsaw gloves are equipped with cut-proof fabric protection at this specific area. The gloves are flexible, an important feature, and this is made possible by limiting the amount of padding they possess. They are made of leather which protects the user from cuts while sharpening the saw. They also provide a good grip and absorb much of the vibration while working.

  1. Long Pants

36 percent of chainsaw injuries occur to the legs and knees. This statistic is enough to tell you how vital pole saws trousers are. Trousers worn during pole saw work are not ordinary trousers. They come in special fabrics to endure the hard work (though developments are still ongoing). The conventional fabric is of no help when dealing with a running saw, something more durable is required. Designers are working on creating a product that is light, violent-resistant, flexible and comfortable. Your preferred  trousers shouldn’t make you feel too hot or limit your movements. This might be dangerous.

It would be non-factual and impractical to mention that there is a perfect clothing that is fully resistant to pole saw cuts. What happens is that fabric layers are added to the clothes to make them more resilient. The chainsaw fabrics are classified under four different classes: class 0 having 16 m/s chain speed, class 1, having 20 m/s chain speed, class 2, having 24 m/s chain speed and class 3, having 28 m/s chain speed. The qualities of the fabrics improve with the classes, and so does their prices.

The trousers will degrade with time due to frequent washing. They, therefore, ought to be replaced. They should also not be washed in hot water frequently as this catalyzes their wearing out. Users must ensure that their trousers are free from tears and rips that may catch on a live pole saw.

  1. Ear Defenders

Pole saws, especially the gas-powered ones make a lot of noise when in use. For this reason, ear protection is necessary. That is precisely what the ear defenders are for. If you thought this was the only function of the ear defenders, think twice. Ear defenders and earplugs also protect the user from small foreign bodies that may enter the ears causing damage. The ear is a vital human organ, and it would be pretty devastating for it to get damaged because of pure ignorance.


Just like any other machine operator, a chainsaw operator must equip himself fully before going out to work. Besides assembling all the required tools, you also need to dress adequately for the job. Some of the protective gear might seem unnecessary, but evidently, even the littlest detail is important. Make sure you are flexible and comfortable in your outfit; avoid donning jewelry and loose-fitting clothing. Your health comes first, stay safe!

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