Best Pole Saw Attachments

You’ve been paying a tree company to trim off low-hanging limbs for a while now and honestly, you’re beginning to think you could do it yourself. And you’re absolutely right! All you need is a nice pole saw attachment and you’re ready to go! But how do you know which one is right for you? There are so many different ones online and all of the choices are making your head spin.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve tried three pole saw attachments and written what I think about them down below. So here are my picks for the best pole saw attachments for 2020.

Best Pole Saw Attachments for 2020

EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment

EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment for EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head System
  • Exclusively compatible with EGO Power+ power head PH1400 (available separately)
  • Includes 1 Oregon 10 in. Bar and chain
  • Narrow-kerf Sprocket nose and double guard bars; automatic lubrication system
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance

EGO is a pretty reliable lawn care brand. Their tools are made to last so you don’t have to worry about them crapping out on you at the worst possible moment. And honestly, the Power+ is no exception.

This is a great pole saw; it cuts through huge trees like butter and keeps on going with any complaints. The auto lube makes it especially easy to use since you don’t have to stop to apply more oil, which is nice.

Depending on the batteries you choose, it can go for hours without its performance suffering. It’s a great attachment for EGO tool.

Unfortunately, the plastic guard doesn’t have the best design. It’s attached by only one bolt which means it’s liable to detach and cause problems. It can get caught in the saw which, predictably, will completely destroy the cover, or get caught in the chain and you’ll have to spend time getting it out. The two solutions I’ve come up with is to either continually tighten the bolt, which isn’t that hard to do, or duct tape it. It’s not ideal, but the power and ease of use with this saw more than makes up for this design failure.

This pole saw attachment is battery-operated, which in itself isn’t that big of a deal, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t come with any batteries. This is a slight inconvenience that really bugged me when I first purchased this attachment. I did, however, choose a pretty decent rechargeable battery and this saw has worked like a dream since.

All in all, it’s a reliable attachment that you won’t have to replace for quite a while.



  • Plastic guard can loosen up, but easily tightened
  • Batteries not included

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw Attachment

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8" Polesaw with Bar and Chain Attachment for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads
  • 8-INCH BAR AND CHAIN: Bar and chain can cut logs up to 4” in diameter. Perfect for trimming high branches that were out of reach without the pole saw attachment.
  • EXPANSIVE HEIGHT AND REACH: Depending on operator height, adjustable extension allows for 2 height options up to 11 feet. Find the height that works best for you.
  • AUTOMATIC OILER: The bar and chain's best friend as it provides consistent lubrication to the bar and chain allowing them to work most efficiently and effectively.
  • WARRANTY: 2-year limited.
  • COMPATIBILTY: Fits Attachment capable units from Troy-Bilt, Remington, Craftsman, Yard Machines, Yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Greenworks, Kobalt and most other major brands. Powerhead coupler accepts 1 inch diameter tube Drive shaft connector: Square shape . 205” Female Attachment drive shaft: Square shape . 200” across flats. Check description below for all compatible models.

The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is another great attachment that doesn’t have the glaring design flaw that the EGO Power+ had.

Trimmer Plus is another pretty reliable brand so you can be confident they aren’t selling a crappy product. I used it to cut some pretty large trees and didn’t have any issues.

But when I originally took this saw out of the box, I was a little worried. The chain is adjusted to be way too tight. It makes using this saw super unpleasant so make sure you loosen it up before doing any work. After that, it worked like a dream! It’s an incredibly lightweight saw; I let my daughter use it and she didn’t have any problems, even though she’s shorter than I am. It’s a lot easier to cut down limbs when I’m not fighting against a heavy saw so this was a huge plus.

Unlike the EGO Power+ this saw can be used with several other saw brands. If you’re unsure whether it will fit yours, there are tons of questions on the Amazon page. There’s an answer for just about any saw you can think of.

So all-in-all, this is a great attachment once you loosen the chain a bit. This is my go-to pole saw if I need to take out some low-hanging limbs or clean up a fallen tree. It’s an amazing product for the price!


  • Fits a wide variety of saws
  • Can cut large trees easily
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Chain is adjusted a bit too tight

Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA 10-inch Universal Articulating Pole Saw Attachment

Sunseeker MFT26I-PS-AA 10-inch Universal Articulating Pole Saw Attachment
  • EXTENDED REACH FOR HIGH BRANCHES - 10-inch articulating chain saw on a 30-inch shaft to easily reach high branches.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - Features an Oregon bar and chain that is common and easy to maintain
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZE BRUSH - 6" cutting capacity tackles small to medium sized brush and branches with ease
  • CONSISTENT, SMOOTH OPERATION - Automatic Lubrication feature keeps the chain running smooth
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING - Sunseeker, Ryobi, Toro, Craftsman and Troy Bilt

If you’re looking for a cheaper attachment to get your yard work done, then the Sunseeker is for you. While it isn’t going to last as long as the other saws on this list, the Sunseeker is half the price. But even at the incredibly low price it’s being sold at, the Sunseeker is still a pretty darn good saw. It can cut thick branches pretty smoothly and effortlessly. I especially appreciate the fact that it’s universal. You can use it with Toro, Sunseeker, Ryobi, Troy Bilt, or Craftsman saws.

This saw does require some assembly before you can use it. The bar and chain will need to be put on the saw. You’re not given any tools to do this assembly, so make sure you have a flathead screwdriver and a 10mm socket with you. If you’re new to using chain saws, I would recommend looking up some Youtube videos on how to put the bar and chain on since there are no instructions included with this pole saw.

Despite the problems I had with putting this saw together, I still thoroughly enjoy using it. I enjoyed saving some money on a saw that was a great value for what I paid. If you’re looking for a budget saw and you’re not afraid of attaching the bar and chain, you’ll love this attachment!


  • Good quality for the price
  • Cuts smoothly, even through thick branches
  • Compatible with multiple saws


  • Not as high quality as more expensive saws
  • Some assembly required


Any of these pole saws are great for someone looking to save some money. No longer will you have to hire a tree company to trim your low hanging branches! But if I had to choose a favorite, I would go with the TrimmerPlus since its design is a bit smarter than the EGO Power+ and it’s a bit of a better quality than the Sunseeker. But I have no doubt that you’ll come to love any of these attachments, regardless of what you choose!