What is the Best Length for a Pocket Chainsaw?

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If you’ve never heard of pocket chainsaws before, you really have no idea what you are missing out on. Sure, gas-powered chainsaws are fine, and if you have a massive job to get done, it’s probably your go-to option, but that’s where the fun ends. Pocket chainsaws are small hand-operated chainsaws, more or less a sharpened chain with a handle.

While they may sound hard to use, they really aren’t at all; it’s quite the opposite, in fact. These things are small and portable, they are lightweight, easy to use, require minimal maintenance, they don’t require any fuel source besides yourself, and they actually provide for some pretty decent exercise.

Now, with that being said, if you want to get the job done right and with minimal troubles, you need to choose your pocket chainsaw carefully. One of the main things you need to pay attention to when shopping is the length of the pocket chainsaw, but what is the best length for a pocket chainsaw? It’s not a very difficult question to answer, and it’s what we are going to talk about.

Best Length for a Pocket Chainsaw

So, you’re wondering what is the best length for a pocket chainsaw, but before we answer, let’s talk about the average length of your normal pocket chainsaw which has an average blade length of 24 inches; this tends to be the standard. The reason why 24 inches is the standard is because it seems to be the most convenient option for the majority of users.

On one hand, a 24-inch chain is long enough so you can wrap it around and saw apart some pretty decent-sized logs and pieces of wood, although not huge ones. And at the same time, 24 inches is not so long that it will give your problems in terms of how much room you require to operate. Remember, the longer the chain is, the more room you will require to operate your pocket chainsaw; this also means that you can cut much larger logs and pieces of wood.

Moreover, remember that a pocket chainsaw with a longer chain has a larger cutting surface, and therefore you can build up more speed, make longer strokes, and end up sawing a lot faster. To switch sides again though, the longer that chain is, the heavier and harder the whole thing will be to transport.

Longer and Shorter Options

Now, 24 inches is the standard chain length, but of course, it’s not the only length out there, and there are both longer and shorter options available, although not much shorter. About the shortest length you will find with a pocket chainsaw is 21 or even 20 inches, which makes for a lightweight and very portable option that is easy to operate in tight spaces; however, it’s not fast going with such a short chain, and you can’t deal with large objects either.

There are much longer pocket chainsaws out there that come anywhere up to 39 inches, sometimes even as long as four feet. Just remember that the longer it is, the faster you can cut wood, and the larger a piece you can handle, but of course, it also comes with more required space for you to operate in, and it does add to the weight.

Other Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pocket Chainsaw

Besides the length of the chain itself, there are some other considerations to keep in mind before you go out and buy a pocket chainsaw, so let’s quickly go over the most important ones.

Blade Material

You will want to look for a pocket chainsaw that features a hardened steel chain, and if you can find one that is carbide tipped, even better. You want to look for a blade that is very hard, durable, and long-lasting. The harder the material, the longer it will last before it gets dull, and the lower the chances of something breaking.

Self-Sharpening and Cleaning

Some chainsaw blades allow you to sharpen them with traditional chainsaw sharpening kits, and others do not. The fact of the matter is that many newer pocket chainsaws feature self-sharpening chains, and many also have self-cleaning chains. This means that through the use of the pocket chainsaw, the chain will actually clean and sharpen itself, something which helps make life a lot easier. This is a big thing to look for when purchasing a pocket chainsaw.

The Handles

The next aspect to pay attention to when purchasing a pocket chainsaw is what the handles are like. Most pocket chainsaws will come with loop handles, which are fine because they provide a great grip. As long as the handles are easy to hold, comfortable, and durable, you should be fine. Some models come with wooden handles or other materials, but not soft loops. These can be fine, and are usually more comfortable to hold, but they can be harder to grip onto.

Carrying Pouch

The other thing to look for is that your pocket chainsaw comes with a good pouch. Something you can clip or tie onto your pants is always good, and of course, you want that pouch to be fairly durable and long-lasting.


There you have everything you need to know about the length of your pocket chainsaw and how to choose the best size for your needs. Although this may be one of the most important purchasing factors, keep the other points we have discussed in mind as well. Put everything together, and you have got yourself a high-quality pocket chainsaw.

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