Best Pocket Chainsaw for Camping of 2020

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Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Are you going camping and need something small and efficient to cut down small trees and prepare some firewood? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because we are here to help you find the best pocket chainsaw for camping that the market has to offer!

Best Pocket Chainsaws For Camping: Reviews

UST SaberCut Chain Saw

UST SaberCut Chain Saw with 24 Inch Bi-Directional Blade, Compact Design and Nylon Carry Case for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Hunting and Outdoor Survival
  • DIMENSIONS: 24” L weighs 4.3 oz (saw only)
  • EASE OF USE: Comfortable wrist straps prevent stress on your hands and the reach can be extended by adding extra cordage to each handle (rope not included)
  • RELIABLE: Flexible, pocket size blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance making is great for cutting limbs and branches at ground level or while up in your stand
  • DURABLE: Double sided, non-binding chain is just like a regular chainsaw and the self-cleaning saw teeth last long periods of time with hardly any maintenance required
  • CONVENIENT: Teeth can be sharpened with a standard 1/8-inch saw blade sharpener and comes in a handy nylon carry case with hook and loop closure to store in any backpack or gear while not in use

Here we have a super small, portable, affordable, and useful pocket chainsaw, perfect for camping and for people on the go.


The UST SaberCut Chain Saw is very compact and can be easily folded down to size, and it does fit perfectly into the included carrying pouch. The saw itself only weighs a few ounces and the pouch can be attached to your pant loops, or just put in a backpack. It’s a lightweight and portable option.

It comes with nylon handles that are very easy to hold, and quite durable too. The UST SaberCut Chain Saw comes complete with a bi-directional 24-inch steel chain with some pretty sharp teeth. The saw teeth are actually self-cleaning, although they are not self-sharpening. It’s a good option to keep in mind for cutting down very small trees or cutting apart small logs.


  • Great price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High quality self-cleaning teeth
  • Good nylon handles


  • Not self-sharpening
  • Cannot deal with very big jobs

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain & FREE Fire Starter Best Compact Folding Hand Saw Tool for Survival Gear, Camping, Hunting, Tree Cutting or Emergency Kit. Replaces Your Pruning & Pole Saw
  • ✔LENGTH MATTERS - While other 24 inch saws are too short, too weak, or simply just break after a few uses, our saw has a full longer, thicker 36" chain (EXCLUDING HANDLES). The bi directional, self cleaning chainsaw style cutting teeth tears through wood cutting both ways! Made of high 65 mn high carbon heat treated steel, the longer chain equals incredibly fast cutting time with razor sharp blades sawing 3 sides of a limb at once...clearly out classing the competition.
  • ✔QUALITY DOES COUNT! - Our saw rips through anything from thin branches to large tree trunks in seconds. Cuts over head branches with ease. Our Saw has heavy duty rugged handles with metal brackets and can easily be re-sharpened unlike other sharp pointed pocket saws. Our Pocket Chainsaw comes with a tough nylon front snap storage pouch and belt loop. It can be sharpened with a regular 5/32 round chainsaw file. Perfect Multitool for all your Bushcraft needs.
  • ✔THE MOST DURABLE SURVIVAL HAND SAW ON AMAZON - You can find pocket saws for less, but they offer you MUCH less. We all know, typically if you spend less now, you'll pay MORE later as the quality of hand chainsaws are NOT all the same Other CHEAPER saws are simply made with a thinner chain & handles You get what you pay for and we guarantee our heavy duty saw for "LIFE"... for a reason.
  • ✔OUR 100% IRON CLAD LIFETIME GUARANTEE COMMITMENT TO YOU - We fully stand behind our TOP RATED, BEST SELLING Saw. If we didn't we wouldn't offer you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If you're not impressed or satisfied after using our cool saw, Sportsman Industries offers a full 100%, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee. (Find another vendor that will do that!)
  • ✔SPORTSMAN INDUSTRIES TM SINCE 2013 - HAS BEEN AS SEEN ON *FOX NEWS *CBS *NBC *ABC and now TV. This tree pruning saw is perfect for Boy Scouts, your Bug Out Bag, Landscapers or your Emergency Gear. Use it to clear mountain bike or ATV trails or when off-roading. Makes a great gift for any occasion! Each saw comes with a bonus 8 mm diameter magnesium Fire Starter.

This is a slightly more expensive option, one that is also a bit larger and more heavy-duty than the one we just looked at.


If you are looking for a tough-as-nails pocket chainsaw, the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a great way to go. The high carbon heat-treated steel is about as tough as possible, and it should ensure that the chain won’t snap, rust, and that the teeth won’t break off; it’s probably one of the toughest options out there right now.

Moreover, the chain is bi-directional, plus the teeth are self-cleaning, although not self-sharpening. Keep in mind that the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw has a 36-inch chain, so it can be used for some pretty substantially sized jobs. We like how the handles are pretty tough, but in all honesty, they could use slightly better grip. Other than that, the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a great choice to consider.


  • Tough and durable
  • Good for fairly large jobs
  • Compact and portable
  • Good price


  • Grip could be a bit better

SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw

SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw and Fire Starter - Survival Hand Saw, , Firestarter with Built in Compass & Whistle, Embroidered Pouch for Camping & Backpacking - Green Straps, 24" Chain
  • Perfect for backpacking, wilderness camping, hunting and fishing; Quickly saw small to medium sized tree limbs into usable wood for a lifesaving fire, shelter or to build a rescue signal fire; essential for prepper supplies and survival gear
  • Magnesium fire rod for emergency fire starting included along with a built-in compass and whistle to make it easy for rescuers to see and hear you
  • Two way bi-directional cutting teeth reduces binding and hang ups, 24” chain saw chain; superior to cable, wire and rope saws; handsaws are made of heat treated high strength carbon alloy and steel for long lasting durability; super strong ballistic nylon straps
  • Lightweight and compact size makes this emergency survival saw easy to pack and take along. User friendly and simple for anyone to use
  • The ultimate prepper survival hand saw for use in emergencies, in the outdoors or around the home garden for pruning and trimming with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee

If you are looking for a pocket chainsaw that comes in different sizes, you don’t want to spend a lot, and you want something fairly durable, the SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw is a fine option.


The SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw comes in 2 different sizes, these being 24 inches and 36 inches, so you can choose the length that works best for you and your purposes. The chain is made of heat-treated high-strength carbon alloy and steel, which is super tough, and it should be more than durable enough to prevent snapping or the broken teeth, as well as rusting too.

This is a bi-directional model, so it works when moving in both directions. Now, it is not self-cleaning or self-sharpening, which is a bit of a drawback, but other than that, it’s a very tough, affordable, and compact option to go with, one that comes with its own carrying pouch and a fire starter.


  • Multiple sizes
  • Very tough build
  • Decent handles
  • Affordable
  • Portable and compact


  • Not self-sharpening or self-cleaning

Chainmate CM-36SSP Pocket Saw

This is a slightly more expensive pocket chainsaw to keep in mind, one which comes in multiple lengths and is definitely super tough.


What is nice about the Chainmate CM-36SSP Pocket Saw is that it comes in 24-, 36-, or 48-inch options, so you can choose the one which works best for you. That said, on today’s list, it’s the only option that comes in a 48 inch chain length, so it is something that can be used for some pretty large tasks. Something else which stands out about the Chainmate CM-36SSP Pocket Saw is that it comes with heavy-duty and oversized handles that are tough, have great grip, and are easy to hold.

The carbon steel teeth are fairly durable, and they should last for a good few years to come, although they are not self-sharpening or self-cleaning. All of that said, the Chainmate CM-36SSP Pocket Saw is one of the most durable, versatile, and lightweight options out there. Even the 48-inch option is still quite lightweight, and the included carrying pouch helps make life a bit easier too.


  • Comes in various sizes
  • Quite durable
  • Really good handles
  • Small and portable


  • Not self-cleaning or self-sharpening

Nordic Pocket Saw

Nordic Pocket Saw Survival Chainsaw - 25.6" Pocket Chainsaw With Tough Nylon Case - Handheld Chainsaw, Survival Saw, Camping Saw - 33 Bi directional Teeth ORIGINAL Version. Outdoor Portable chainsaw
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH PACKABILITY AND RAW POWER - That is what signifies this hand chainsaw and makes it an essential companion for your outdoor adventures. This ultralight tool can be used to cut firewood when being out camping or hiking. It can also be stored under the saddle of your snowmobile next to your car spare tire, you never know when you will come across a fallen tree over the path.
  • DOUBLE CUTTING TEETH ON EVERY MAJOR LINK - This provide an effective and effortless cutting in both directions. All our chains saw products are made with cutting teeth on every element of the chain. It is quite easy when you think about it - more teeth makes faster and efficient cutting.
  • THE CHAIN IS MADE OF HEAT TREATED HIGH CARBON STEEL - Which is ideal for blades and specially developed for resilience under harsh conditions. The heavy duty nylon handles are extremely durable and give comfortable and safe grip even when wet. The case can be worn on your belt for easy access or stowed away in your backpack.
  • WORLD´S MOST AWARDED HAND POWERED CHAIN SAW - The Nordic Pocket Saw have been awarded with a gold medal in the following “Best Outdoor Product Competitions”; No.1 National Geographic Gift Guide 2016, Outdoor Industry Award 2018, Scandinavian Outdoor Awards 2018, Ich Liebe Berge Award 2018.
  • THE ONLY LABORATORY STRENGTH TESTED HAND CHAINSAW - A study from Karlstad University (Sweden) show that this pocket chainsaw with handles made of extra strong nylon can withstand a force 20 times stronger than a human can achieve. 

This might be the final option on today’s list, but still a good one, to say the least. It is by far the most expensive pocket chainsaw, but also one that is super durable.


The Nordic Pocket Saw is made of heat-treated high carbon steel, and we do have to say that it is probably by far the toughest option we have reviewed today. What is also cool is that it comes with double bi-directional teeth on every single link, making all kinds of sawing about as fast and efficient as humanly possible. It comes with oversized handles that are easy to hold, it’s super tough, it’s lightweight and compact, and features a carrying case too. The only drawback is that it is fairly expensive.


  • Superior durability
  • Great cutting teeth
  • Fast and efficient
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good handles


  • Comparably expensive


In the end, it really all comes down to how much money you are willing to spend, the quality of the materials, and the length of the chain you need. Once you have figured all of this out, making a choice in terms of the best pocket chainsaw for you, should be easy

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