What are the Biggest Pros of Pocket Chainsaws?

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If you have ever wondered about using a pocket chainsaw, and whether they are good or not, wonder no longer because that’s what we’re going to discuss. Pocket chainsaws come with a lot of pros and benefits that you might have never thought about.

They’re Super Portable

The first biggest pro that you get with a pocket chainsaw is that they are super lightweight and portable. They aren’t called pocket chainsaws for nothing. You can easily put one away into its corresponding pouch, which you can then fit right in your backpack or pocket, although it would have to be a fairly large pocket.

Either way, a pocket chainsaw is more portable than a normal chainsaw, or any other option for that matter. Moreover, they’re lightweight, so they aren’t too bad to carry around with you, especially if you plan on traveling great distances. Simply put, pocket chainsaws are lightweight, compact, portable, and convenient.

Increase Muscle Strength and Cardiovascular Health

This is something you may never have thought about, but because pocket chainsaws are hand operated, it means that you will feel the burn after a little while. Now, they are designed to be very easy to use, and that means that they should require minimal effort for you to saw through something with a pocket chainsaw. However, they are still hand operated, and this means that you do have to use those muscles of yours.

Muscles in your forearms, your biceps and triceps, your shoulders, and your back will all be exercised by using a pocket chainsaw. Moreover, to get through a substantial sized log, you need to saw for a couple of minutes, and that constant motion counts as cardio exercise. Therefore, a big pro of pocket chainsaws is that they help keep you in shape by training your muscles and your cardiovascular system.

Self-Sharpening and Maintenance Free

Ok, so this pro is not one that can be applied across the board, but close enough. Most pocket chainsaws have self-cleaning and self-sharpening chains. This is indeed a big deal, because most normal chainsaws will require you to clean the blade fairly often. At the same time, most of them also require you to remove the blade on occasion for sharpening and maintenance.

However, with most pocket chainsaws, this is not the case, as most will sharpen and clean themselves just through use and nothing more. It’s very convenient if you have what amounts to a chainsaw that really does not require much maintenance at all. Sometimes minimal maintenance may be required with pocket chainsaws too, but nothing like with real chainsaws.

No Mechanical Parts

Something else to keep in mind is that pocket chainsaws are not mechanical or electrical. Whether you have a gas-powered or electric chainsaw, there are still a lot of engine parts, moving parts, and electrical components. These are all things which a normal chainsaw needs, but at the same time, mechanical and electrical components are prone to breaking down and failure. When you have so many moving parts on a single device, something is bound to break down, and yes, it happens way more often than most would like to admit.

The point is that on a pocket chainsaw, there are no electrical or mechanical components, and therefore there’s a lot less that can break or go wrong. It’s much more reliable and long lasting in this sense.

No Need for Fuel or Oil

Yet another pro that you can equate with pocket chainsaws is that they do not require any fuel or oil. Gas chainsaws constantly require new fuel and oil to function. It can be a real pain if you run out of gas and have to go out to get more, not to mention that if you run out of oil, you can wreck the motor.

On the other hand, there are also electric chainsaws, but these require you to constantly be connected to a power source. With a pocket chainsaw, the only power source you ever need are those big biceps of yours, so as long as you eat a good breakfast, you’ll be good to go. You save money because you don’t require fuel, and you don’t have to worry about running out either.

No Pollution Created

Whether you have a gas-powered or electric chainsaw, in one way or another, they all produce some form of pollution. Yes, gas chainsaws are obviously the worst, as they require gas and oil, and they produce some pretty heavy pollution in the form of carbon emissions. No, they are not good for the environment.

At the same time, electric chainsaws still draw power from the power grid, and even if that power is created through green means, there is always pollution associated with power generation. With a pocket chainsaw, because it uses no fuel at all, you don’t ever have to worry about any pollution being created by them. They are totally eco-friendly.

Easily Get Into Tight Spaces

The other benefit that comes with pocket chainsaws is that they are quite convenient to use in tight spaces. Full-size chainsaws are, well, full size, and it might be difficult to cut from certain angles or get into small areas. Of course, because a pocket chainsaw is so small and compact, this is not really a problem at all.


The bottom line is that pocket chainsaws might not be ideal for big jobs like a real gas chainsaw is, but as you can see, they still come with a lot of pros and benefits that you should be able to appreciate.

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