Scroll Saw vs. Band Saw: The Differences

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The difficulties of choosing between two different saws may be rather intimidating. Both the scroll saw and the band saw are fantastic instruments to have if you’re a woodworker. They each have certain advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making your final purchase. We’ll assist you to distinguish between a scroll saw and a band saw, as well as help you decide which one to buy.

Overview of a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw resembles a sewing machine. The blade of a scroll saw will move up and down. To obtain the desired cut, pick up the piece you’re working on and move it in and out of the scroll saw blade. The pattern maker’s basic function is to fashion a fabric design based on the sewing machine.

Scroll saw blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the sort of job you want to do. The blades will be narrow and, in most cases, less durable than those of other types.

Basic Functionality

The basic function of a scroll saw will be to make precise and delicate cuts. When using a saw like this, you’ll have an extremely finished edge. The scroll saw is an excellent tool for creating intricate signs and puzzles, as well as making basic jigsaw parts. Finally, scroll saws require a bit of training and some skill. They include a foot pedal for you to use with your foot, allowing both hands-free operations.

Cuts Come in a variety of Types

Straight, angled, or round slices may be produced with the assistance of scroll saws. Perhaps the most unusual cut a scroll saw can undertake is to remove the blade and insert it into the middle of your project. You may also cut out circles or other shapes in the interior of your design after removing the blade. This is a feature that most saws do not have.

Safety of scroll saw

A scroll saw is a very safe tool. This model is not as strong as other versions, and with the foot pedal to operate it, you may really consider what you’re doing and keep your hands away from the blades.

Price of scroll saw

Scroll saws vary greatly in price. Scroll saws start at around $100 and go up to close to $1,000. The cost difference is due to the power and features.

Pros of scroll saw

  • Reach with a huge extension
  • Clean and precise cuts
  • Large boards may be accommodated.

Cons of scroll saw

  • Pricy
  • Difficult to readjust
  • Not recommended for extreme angles

Overview of Band Saw

For a variety of reasons, a band saw is not the same as a scroll saw. To begin with, it’s a much larger saw that cuts differently than the scroll saw. In contrast to a scroll saw, a band saw’s blade spins on a band rather than moving up and down. 

The blades of a band saw are thicker and more dependable than those on a scroll saw. This makes them quicker to cut, but the cut is rougher. You can’t make tight turns like with a scroll saw, but thick wood will allow you to do so. Furniture makers appreciate band saws because they enable them to quickly produce curved legs for tables and chairs.

Basic functionality

A band saw is a machine used to cut wood (and some other materials). The band saw is excellent for making straight and angled cuts, but it can also cut around corners. Because the band saw is larger and more powerful than the scroll saw, the cuts will be rougher. 

Cuts of various types

Angle and straight cuts are easily made with a bandsaw. A band saw can cut a huge piece of plywood because it is far more powerful and robust than a scroll saw. A band saw won’t cut an inner circle in a piece of wood like a scroll saw may. The band saw is an excellent tool for producing furniture.

Safety of band saw

Because of their strength and size, band saws are more dangerous than scroll saws. Although chainsaws are still relatively safe, the majority of these accidents happen when a person is swinging their tool at high speeds. When working with a band saw, you must always keep an eye on where your hands are and wear suitable protection.

Price of band saw

The band saw as the scroll saw, has a variety of pricing options. When you compare a high-end band saw to a high-end scroll saw, the band saw will be more expensive.

Pros of band saw

  • Reach with a huge extension
  • Clean and precise cuts
  • Can accommodate large boards

Cons of band saw

  • Pricy
  • Difficult to readjust
  • Not recommended for extreme angles

Which Saw Is Best for You?

In terms of the tasks they can complete, a scroll saw and a band saw are fairly comparable. However, there are a few differences that you should be aware of before making your ultimate purchase.

What Are You Trying to Cut?

If you’re making a jigsaw puzzle for your kids, there’s no question that you’ll need a scroll saw rather than a band saw. The band saw will not work well with detailed, intricate labor.

If you like creating beautiful items, the scroll saw will be a much better choice than the laser cutter. 

A band saw is versatile because it may still create round, straight, or angled cuts. This is where the procedure might go wrong. The flaw is that it will be somewhat rougher than usual.

If you’re making a dining room chair and the seam is rougher, you may sand and polish it to produce a stunning result. This, however, becomes more difficult to construct if the cut is harsh in the example of a jigsaw puzzle.

Final thoughts

It’s difficult to choose between a scroll saw and a band saw because, in an ideal world, you’d have both. If you do a variety of projects, either one of these tools is probably sufficient. If you work with heavier and thicker materials and want fast, powerful results, the band saw is the tool to use. The scroll saw is a great choice for detail-oriented crafters who want to devote time to smaller components.

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