Worx Electric Pole Saw Review

Worx Electric Pole Saw Review

Worx Electric Pole Saw: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Easy to set up
  • Very powerful
  • High-quality build

What We Don't Like

  • Very heavy
  • Poor balance through the head and pole

Being able to trim trees and saw through shrubbery used to be something that homeowners dreaded, especially before the invention of pole saws. Worx, one of the most reputable tool manufacturers, has developed their very own pole saw that does all of the work for you. All you have to do is decide where to cut.

With an assortment of great features designed to make the Worx Electric Pole Saw easy for anyone to use, it’s a tool that you’ll reach for more than once throughout the year.

Worx Electric Pole Saw Review

You don’t need to own a pole saw in order to see the benefits that it brings to the table, but you won’t be able to get a true understanding of the power that it offers until you can harness one for yourself. The Worx Electric Pole Saw helps to make outdoor work easier than it has ever been, cutting the amount of time you spend trimming overgrowth by more than half. With that being said, who wouldn’t want to use one to their advantage?

Aside from allowing you to spend more time with your family and less time maintaining your property, the Worx Electric Pole Saw is also designed to make sawing through tree limbs easier than ever before. With a highly powerful 8-amp motor, you’ll be able to experience constant power that will transform the way you feel after spending a couple of hours working outside.

Who is this pole saw meant for?

It’s about time you had a powerful tool that you can rely on and that will always be ready to use. With the Worx Electric Pole Saw, you won’t have to worry about charging batteries or filling the tool with the perfect gas and oil mixture before it can even be turned on. With a built-in power cable and a push start, it’s always ready to use as long as you have chain oil on hand to help keep the chain lubricated.

People who have always been concerned about working with trees on their property will benefit the most from this pole saw simply because it takes all of the hassles out of a job and keeps you safe. Instead of having to stand on a ladder with a chainsaw or spending money to hire professional landscapers, you can handle the entire project on your own from the comfort of the ground.

What’s included?

The things that you’ll need, aside from chain oil, is included with your package and you’ll be able to start using your pole saw as soon as it arrives.

The Worx Electric Pole Saw comes with the main saw itself, as well as a transportation cover and extension pole. The transportation cover is a nice touch as it gives you the ability to safely store the saw when it’s not in use and protects it if you’re bringing it from one job site to another.

Overview of features

The most interesting features of the Worx Electric Pole Saw include:

Two-in-one design

By far, the unique feature of this pole saw is the fact that it’s two-in-one, giving you complete access to a pole saw and an independent chainsaw. This is ideal for homeowners who have different types of overgrowth and need a device with a little more control for objects closer to the ground.

Auto-tensioning chain system

With the help of the auto-tensioning chain system, you shouldn’t have any concerns about tightening the chain after a few cuts or upon its arrival, as the saw will automatically make sure the chain is at the perfect tightness.

Automatic oil pump

Another fantastic feature is the automatic oil pump that helps you cut things smoothly and seamlessly as well as to protect the longevity of the chain. Your pole saw will automatically lubricate the chain as you work, so you don’t have to worry about starting and stopping.

Rotatable handle

When you detach the chainsaw from the pole, you’ll also have access to a fully rotatable handle that is designed to make pruning bushes and shrubbery easier, especially if you need to get into tighter areas.

Ergonomic grip

For added comfort, you’re sure to appreciate the added ergonomic grip which is designed to reduce fatigue when using it for a long period.

Extendable shaft

There’s no need to consider pulling your ladder out of the garage with the Worx Electric Pole Saw, as its shaft is fully extendable by up to 10 inches.

How to use the Worx Electric Pole Saw

Before starting the pole saw for the first time, you’re going to need to assemble it, but this would be effortless since you won’t need any tools to do so. We also recommend reading through the included user manual as it comes with a lot of information about how to safely make cuts and the different types of cuts that are most efficient for trees of various sizes.

Once the pole saw has been assembled, you can plug it into your chosen extension cord and grip the saw with both hands, keeping your feet in a firm position. Once you’re in a position to start cutting, push the lock-off button and squeeze the trigger, which will start the saw. Once finished, release the trigger and make sure that you wipe the chain clean before storing.


Since the Worx Electric Pole Saw is superior to most other pole saws on the market in terms of performance and versatility, any alternatives are likely to have fewer features. However, the Remington Ranger Pole Saw is a great option that is similar to the Worx model but has a few additional features such as:

Anti-rotation shaft

To help make sure that the telescopic pole doesn’t shift while you work away at limbs, the Remington Ranger Pole Saw features an anti-rotation shaft to keep the saw straight and sturdy.

Flip-and-lock clamps

Adjusting the height of the Remington saw might be slightly faster than the Worx Electric Pole Saw simply because it offers a patented flip-and-lock clamp design that is meant to make adjustments far faster than ever before.


There’s nothing better than having power tools that you can rely on, and the Worx Electric Pole Saw has plenty to offer. With superior power similar to that of a gas pole saw and the ability to work through various materials without the worry of ever running out of charge, it could easily become your most-used power tool.

You’ll also love just how lightweight and comfortable it is to use, even when extended as far as possible, which is perfect for beginners.